Google Glass Used To Perform Foot And Ankle Surgery


A foot and ankle surgery was performed by Orthopedic surgeon Selen G Parekh using the medium of the Google Glass technology and was broadcast live on Google’s website on Saturday.

The technology  giant’s wearable computer was used under the supervision of a team of doctors

The surgery took place during a three-day annual Indo-US conference attended by a team of experts from the US, and headed by one Dr Ashish Sharma.

According to Dr Sharma the device google glass can in the coming years, be used to communicate with families, teach students remotely, patients, and communicate with other doctors during a surgery.

Doing the job...Google glasses
Doing the job…Google glasses

The Google Glass Project is a wearable device, eyeglasses that provide augmented reality features. The hardware includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities (can work with Android and iOS devices), cameras, voice-activation commands, and a heads-up display.

Google Glass enables one to look at an X-Ray or MRI without taking the eye off from the patient, and allows a doctor to communicate with a patient’s family or friends during a procedure.

“The image which the doctor sees through Google Glass will be broadcast on the internet. It’s an amazing technology. Earlier, during surgeries, to show something to another doctor, we had to keep moving and the cameraman had to move as well to take different angles. During this, there are chances of infection. So, in this technology, the image seen by the doctor using Google Glass will be seen by everyone throughout the world,” said Dr Sharma.

The small devices have a screen that sits just in front of a user’s right eye, will revolutionize surgery and would teach procedures to aspiring surgeons without being part of operation team.

Rural areas can benefit a lot wherein a doctor could remotely examine a patient who is unwell. Google shipped 8000 of their Google Glasses as a part of their ongoing testing, ‘Explorer Program’ wherein they sent out the glasses specifically to testers across the globe.

A Doctor in Shennai became the first Indian doctor to perform the surgery with the use of Google Glass in September 2013. He live streamed an upper gastro-intestinal laparoscopy procedure on a 45-year-old man to medical students who sat two blocks away.

Google Glass has a frame similar to the traditional spectacles but is actually a wearable computer that follows voice commands. It can take photos and videos to show the viewpoint of the user.

The gadget is not yet available on the markets. However, Google had distributed at least 2,000 of the glasses for testing before being made available to the common man.

Ohio State Surgeons have previously used the Google Glass when they broadcast an ACL surgery in August 2013

Google Glass’ medical potential has spurred start-ups and medical technology firms to look further into the applications of the technology in the medical field.



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