Gono looted RBZ, I got him a PhD – Kereke‏


HARARE(ZimEye)-FIRED Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe chief advisor Munyaradzi Kereke, who was a close Gideon Gono ally, has made sensational claims that he did academic work for the RBZ chief’s doctoral degree before he threatened to have Gono stripped of his PhD.

Gono looted RBZ, I got him a PhD - Kereke‏
Gono looted RBZ, I got him a PhD - Kereke‏

In a strong worded letter released to the Press, Kereke made sensational claims of how Gono looted over $6.5 million and gold from the RBZ at a time when Zimbabweans were reeling from extreme poverty.

Kereke said he was fired by Gono from the RBZ because he knew about President Robert Mugabe’s personal banker’s shenanigans.

The controversial Harare businessman said he literally felt worse than sodomised by Gono who forced him to write assignments and online examinations for the RBZ boss’ PhD.

Kereke ranted: “Mr Gideon Gono do you forget you yet again abused your authority by forcing me to literally do all the academic work on your behalf for the entire PhD studies upon which you were “conferred” the Doctoral Degree you now flaunt to the public as your own? Do you forget you forced me to do all for you, right from registration, to doing all assignments, to doing all the online exams right up to the final thesis, so I could keep my job at the RBZ?

“On this Mr Gono please publicly retract your insults to me otherwise I will cause the relevant university to withdraw the doctoral degree they conferred on you, as you never ever wrote a sentence to earn it.

“You could never have secured a quarter of the PhD requirements using your very limited and blunt academic mental amplitude even in 5 decades. Please take this seriously as I will sue you for the abuse you affected on me. I literally feel worse than sodomized by what you did to me. This was absolute theft of my intellectual property under duress.”

Kereke warned Gono that if he fails to respond to his letter he will institute legal action to protect himself against the banker’s shameless determination to ruin his young life.

He further claimed that Gono also used RBZ funds to buy two houses as “gift” for an unnamed Deputy Minister.

Gono raided foreign currency accounts belonging to companies and individuals’ to fund quasi-fiscal activities and finance Mugabe’s reign of terror in 2008. A number of RBZ assets have been auctioned by creditors to recover their money.

Gono could be reached for comment Thursday.(Zimbabwe, ZimEye)

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    Why do u want to Put Him Down (phd) now,u should have done it long time ago sorry no one is going to believe u n u are corrupt like him too

  • http://optusnet.com.au SIMBA

    GONO IS A THIEF — JAIL HIM !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sure

    Yes Kereke you are an accomplice, why did you keep quiet all this time and you did this while knowing it was illegal! So why complain now, zvaita seiko nhai vaKereke? I think you both deserve to be arrested.

  • Anonymous

    Something is now coming out about this Gono. I have always doubted his intelect. I say he must also stand trial for burning our monies. He distroyed many peoples life long investments. A lot of people will die poor because of him.

  • Anonymous

    What about the shelf company Gono set up via SA international money transferring company to siphon $US out the country??

  • owen sean

    Gono shld simply be investigated n tried. Daily we hear reports of pick-pockets n vendors tried n convicted n getting length periods of tme incarcerated,why shld ths guy be mo equal thn them? After all,Tsvangirai knw wht he ws saying Gono isnt only a hypocrite bt also a heartless thief n unpatriotic.

  • Tirir

    I am not a supporter of Dr Gideon Gono, but I think these are comments of someone trying to tarnish an enemy’s image. There is a logical flaw of believing everything spoken against the enemy…One more thing: the fall of our economy was not unicausal, though RBZ played a major rule. The demise was rather multicausal.

  • muchaneta

    The chickens have come home to roost GG. Zvibayei mega tione!

  • http://gmail tapi tapi

    Doesnt Kereke know by making these allegations,if it is found to be true that,Gono got someone to do his PHD for him,that person who did it FOR ANY REASON is guilty of misrepresantion.He will kiss his own academic qualification,goodbye,even his “O”levels will be gone.

    The University,which gifted Gono,should also be investigated.Rumour has been rife,that when ever one has enough money,they can buy PHD.This then brings into question,one O Mpofu who got a PHD recently.

  • http://Wwwzimeye.com United Westand

    These are d true colours o some o these top leaders ,they use wrong chanels to get whatever they want, may God give true leaders

  • Mageza

    When zim gets independance all ill gotten assets must be forfieted by the state including millions frozen by EU

  • julliana zivanai

    common sense is no longer common, i should start selling it.

  • Jumpdaki

    These are the resources that vana Chando and Bla always boast that their people have got unlike Ndebeles and their bicyles but for all I know is that the higher you go the greater the potential difference that you fall. West africans say the higher a monkey climbs the more it exposes its back.

    When I say we are principled I mean we do not respect such things.

  • Martin Mukatyei

    I doubt the authenticity of this story,just a few days ago Kereke said there was no fallout between him and Gono.and if what you just wrote were actualy Kereke’s words then Zim media would be awash with the news

  • george charamba

    lets bring the question tha cei kereke afunga kutaura nhasi,where was he all ths tym,the answer is simple he was enjoying th fruits of coruption,now that the table has turned he wants to use us,th public at large to cover up,akuda kushandisa vanhu,yes ths myt be true bt wat could be fair is for both of them to go in2 the drain because thy have got a case 2 answer

  • Willie Risiro

    Whether Kereke is telling the truth, his story wld be difficult to believe. This is a clear case of sour grapes. He can not now say Gono Milked the economy when everyone was reeling in poverty few years back. Why wanting to expose Gono now and not then. Another thing is Gono is definitely not academically blunt. we know his other qualifications

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    If this story is true then Kereke is a liar. Talk of a jilted lover? Sour grapes? A scorned woman? He should have said this around 2007 – 2008 when Gono burned the Zim dollar that burned Zimbabwe!

  • Brian Muterol

    This is a case of SOUR GRAPES. Kereke is too young! He wants the public to blackmail Dr Gono!

    Noone can believe his rantings!

  • Makwembere

    he did it. why denying it?

  • Dabulap

    Kanti lindoda ithini? Ithi babepenselana loGono?

  • Chibayangwena

    Anyone who believes that Mugabe will have Gono arrested and prosecuted is living in coo coo land.

  • Papa wemba

    I knew it that the whole crop of these devils,sellout like GONO,KASUKUWERE,BLAMIKI,CHANDO aka CHINOTIMBA including u Mthwakaz NAKED,you suffer from intellectual poverty.Chando and Naked its unfortunate that your an*use*s have bee exposed.i feel pity 4 u.because your heroes u worship hv bn xposed as empty heads.

  • Bla Miki

    Iwe baba vembwa you are very stupid just like your zimeye who tells us today that Kereke has been reappointed and tomorrow says Kereke wrote a letter bla bla

  • Mheni njadi – Samaz

    LoL!! Kereke, sour grapes. Ndiwe wakazvitemera bazi rawange ugere, you had grown too big for your shoes, stop behaving like Julius Malema.GG took u from Stanbic and became yo benefactor, where did u get all this money to flash on cars and I dont know how many women/wives you have now. You are just like Julius Malema, ukaoonererwa unodonha with a thud. Yo RMC is crumbling coz of yo unproffessionalism and intellectual stupidity. Wakabawo mari time yekuburner, we know chero nevanhu vamaipa mabag. Lie on yo bed of nails and stop whinging

  • Munemo Godfrey

    Your claims against Mr Gono are unfounded,why the revalation now.you are equally corrupt.Zimbabwe does not need people of your type.you are irrelavant.we want people who take principled stances at all times.To Dr Gono you are a fair weather friend.The two of you go straight to hell.

  • Fungai John Mtetwa

    Tell the truth,these pple are often seen 2gether.The press is fighting their own war with Dr G.Gono.BUDAI PACHENA!

  • http://zimeye Hamadziripi Simbaneuta

    You were eating on the same table yesterday, now the table has turned the other way.Anyway keep your mouth open, we want to know every detail of your evil doings.
    Everyone knows your misdoings, please give us evidence before your house caught up fire from your evil doing friends!!!

  • Terry1

    Jail both.They are all thieves stupid people.To hell with u two foolsh gentlemen

  • Greg

    Where did Gono get his PhD from?
    According to Wikipedia he got it from Atlantic International University but the institution doesn’t seem to exist.
    Is this qualification legit?

  • Nigerian married to zimbabwean woman

    the magnitude of stupidity among zimbabweans never ceazes to amaze me. You are all fools and deserve to be stolen from. If i ever had the chance to run a public office imomo mu zimbabwe, i would steal every single penny that came my way from you fools. Instead of coming together to remove iye wacho gono,imi makuti kereke is wrong ndiye ariwrong. Ayeka ari wrong but lets use him to bring down the master mind guilty of destroying zimbabwes economy. Gono anetsa,let kereke spill everything. chete chete! ma idiots .