Dinner with Mugabe author Heidi Holland found dead


The last white journalist to hold an exclusive interview with President Robert Mugabe after-which she later wrote the book “Dinner with Mugabe”, Heidi Holland, has been found dead in her house in a highly suspicious incident at present ascribed to “suicide”.

Holland, a former Zimbabwe-Rhodesian who became close to President Robert Mugabe after writing in his favour in the 1970s, was found dead reportedly hanging on a tree at her house by her gardener.

She was 64 and had two children.

the famous book

South African Police on Saturday issued a statement saying a gardener found Holland’s body at her home in Melville, a suburb of Johannesburg.

Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale said it current evidence suggested that Holland had killed herself and according to him there were “no signs of foul play or a robbery”.

Holland wrote the 2008 book Dinner With Mugabe, which included interviews with many individuals within and outside Zimbabwe stretching to the United Kingdom where she also interviewed the highly controversial former Secretary of State for International Development, Claire Short.

Her book which includes her interviews with Mugabe, contained a strong critique of the president and portrayed him as the architect of the colapse of Zimbabwe’s economy through a violent and chaotic land grab program.

In the book she portrayed Mugabe as a former freedom fighter, who later turned president and then afterwards a sensational and unreal naitonal leader.

  • Anonymous

    RIP It was a good book very illuminating.

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Chigwadziso

    RIP madam,but i suspect the gardener is a Zanu CIO his name is Munyaradzi Ngwerume.South African police should investigate deep on this matter,how could someone hang herself

  • Bla Miki

    Having dinned with President Mugabe does not put one on a platform to say he/she knows the leader very well. Out of shame now that her stupid publication did not take her the length she assumed would travel, she decides to kill herself. The shameless witch who also dubbled as a street market prostitute as well as lesbian must quickly be forgotten and her death is just like the death of any other dog, good riddance and no regrets. She is now at the hands of her brother Lucifer and may her unrepeantant soul burn into pieces.

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  • Mukadota

    May she rest in peace but word of advice is never write an autobiography of the devil himself particularly an old one.

  • Dem Bones Mon

    I agree with you Mukadota, imagine a “Dinner with Bla Miki” !

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  • Chegotsi

    I thot she died after the dinner. Its ok, even authors of the bible died. Hapana nyaya apa.

  • Joe

    This is obviously a very young investigation, we cannot jump to conclusions quickly. Dis she left a suicide note? was there any problems in her life? social, criminal or financial? did she have any terminal illness? she was largely a successful person, wonder why she would kill herself? The suspicious element is how the newzimbabwe, A CIO project break the news ahead of many national and well connected international media outlets? This woman was well regarded worldwide.

  • http://Ziposu.com Chikara chePolitics

    If you write rubish about your President you will meet your fate. Least you may forget this president is God sent, so touch not His Ex R G

  • komuredhi chop chop

    ‘…and unrea naitonal leader.’achiri matypo errors here aya?

  • komuredhi chop chop

    ‘…and unreal naitonal leader.’achiri matypo errors here aya?