Didymus Mutasa Stirs A Hornet’s Nest in Mutare


MUTARE: The ZANU PF secretary of Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa stirred a hornet’s nest a few days ago as he went on a campaign trail addressing disgruntled Mutare City Council employees who have gone unpaid for four months as the Council has run out of cash. To date, there is no hope that the past due salaries will ever be delivered to the suffering workforce.

Mutasa...Brainwashing Mutare City Council workforce

Comrade Mutasa went on, “This is all because of sanctions which were asked for by Welshman Ncube from America and Britain. That’s why the council has failed to pay its employees. Let’s find a way of countering that.” He stated as he tried to find ways to assuage the flaring tempers among the angry work force who seem not to get plausible explanations, let alone fixed dates of payment, after going with non payment for this long.

According to a Mutare City Council employee who spoke to ZimEye on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization, the Mutare City Council employees have remained unpaid due to maladministration on the part of the City fathers who conducted certain contracts in a reckless fashion.

According to him, “At one time the city “bought” water pipes to the tune of $500 000.00 but the pipes were never delivered by the contracted seller and no action has been implemented to recover the prejudiced figure. Most senior councilors are ZANU PF members as the other half are affiliated with MDC-T.”

“One then wonders where and how Ncube fits into this broken picture as he is yanked into a silly blame game. I am sure they have realized the impact that the MDC under Ncube is bringing to the Manicaland Province and they have started this barbaric smear campaign. The fact that the Council now has a bad credit record should not be used by Honorable Mutasa to attack others and falsely accuse them to gain ground. Banks are shunning the City Council on lending issues because the City will not pay back loans. They are broke and have not been careful in their financial operations.”

“Such a political message is sheer poisonous propaganda meant to stir hostility against the Ncube-led MDC but is not called for because Ncube
has no council members on the City of Mutare and in any case he never knocked on the USA or America to beg for sanctions. These sanctions were a reaction by the West to stop human rights abuses, way before Mutare City Council became imprudent to buy non-existent goods and lost money. This message sounds ill-timed, malicious and misplaced because it is sent out at a wrong time and to the wrong audience when Europe has just relaxed the very sanctions that Mutasa wants to use to justify local government inefficiency. This is also a time when the Ncube MD is gaining ground in Manicaland at the expense of other political players. In any case let us wait and see how things will change with the
relaxed travel conditions.”

At the time of going to Press, Honorable Mutasa could not be reachable for comment on how Ncube’s name was pulled into the vortex of unpaid wages and salaries.






  • La Liga

    Mutasa is as stupid as Cde Naked. Zanu pf appear to have been rattled to the core by sanctions. These sanctions have also worsens the senile dementia affecting most Zanu pf politicians. The best is to ignore Mutasa, this what the workers should have thought about this before inviting Mutasa.

  • Mukadota

    Kikikiki ini zvangu ini, zimeye be serious for a change.

  • Jumpdaki

    People expected Mutasa to attack MDC-T like he used to do before? No, he is not going to do that because MDC-T is already on the ground so he just by passes it unconcerned with their councilors. Why flog a dead donkey? Just leave it to rot. If MDC was a violent party like Zanoo and MDC-T Manicaland would be a no go area for those who refuse to unclench their fist and those from the blood party. The other being an offshoot of the other, very corrupt and ineffeciant. Correct the spelling ineffecient Greyone. Its not easter yet so do not complain Greyone.


    They should stop thinking with their asisi and vote wisely next time if they still hope to get their salary arrears.

  • Poor farmer

    The Chinhoyi diesel, Zanu pf think tank or septic tank Cde D Mutasa. Mutasa has a poor record of intelligence Im sure he left the workers more confused with sanction issue.

  • Ndumiso

    Ncube is giving Zanu Pf some slepless nights that’s why they are blaming him for their failures and stupidity.Bazama nje ukwenza u Ncube umuntu omubi ukuze abantu bangamvoteli in the coming elections.

  • rev

    Is it that people are still stupid to be told lies, rather than being paid their salaries?

  • Greyhora

    Chombodog, interfered with a vibrant MCC by firing the Mayor (because he is white), over a parking bay issue!! Now Mudidimus Mutasagay is blaming Ncube for the mayhem. Absolutely laughable!! This guy actually loses Zany many more votes, everytime he opens his smelly gob!!

    Jumpthuuvvi, I have to time for you today, sihlama, go and satiate your gay fantasies elsewhere!

  • sekuru gonzo

    pfutseki, ndati pfutseki mhani iwe dhidhi, you asshole. ncube aita sei zvake. tuka chombo wenyu uyo. ndiye dofo, dhodhi zvaro. akauraya macouncils ose. zanu pf ndiyo ine madofo from head to bottom. the likes of jabulani sibanda, patrick chinamasa, mudhidhi mutasa, jonathan moyo, charles charamba and joice mujuru. iwo magrade 2 akawandisa muzanu pf. nyika ingabudirira sei kana vanhu vacho vasina kudzidza. pamberi namorgiza (mdc-t)!!!!! pasi nezanu pf!!! 2013 morgiza muoffice, mugabe kumusha!!!

  • Gukurahundi survivor

    Phambili loku vatana pasi labangafuni i UNITED MDC. Ncube Welshman PRESIDENT Morgan ‘gamba rangu’ Tsvangarai Vice president. Ndiyo team yangu for 2013 elections. Mugave ku Zvimba.

  • Demo

    Ngaayende kunobata maoko kwaMaisiri kwaakatora mwana uko! sis.

  • Bla Miki

    Nhai iwe duzzvy Chrisdog, why do you always report stories very difficult to trace back. You say your source, a mere employee of the council preferred to be anonymous. You also couldn’t get hold of Cde Mutasa on his mobile for comment but still never bothered to speak to any senior council official on the matter in order for you to get the official position on that matter. Beerhall journalism? Ncube was part of the delegation that globe trotted calling for sanctions but l don’t think Cde Mutasa did single out Ncube only.

  • 40Shades

    Mr Diesel Mutasa, your face looks like you have a perpetual gag reflex. Editor, how are this fellow’s utterances news? The man has no credibility…bob keeps him close coz he likes being surrounded by ‘yes men’ who can do the dirty work and as a reminder and comfort that even though he is old, incompetent, corrupt and senile he is still not as thick.

  • http://www.zimeye.com Pariri

    Bla miki who who who as usual dazvi ndiwe. Stop playing ne keyboard bettye ramhamha wako rine hurwa puss, why get back to mutasa iye azvitaura, akazvitaurireiko?

  • Bla Miki

    Piriridog, so all you think of barking and gnawing like a stray dom on heat? Che lo mothaz vako

  • http://www.zimeye.com Sibangani

    Bla Miki kutadza kutamba Easter just defending a hopeless sinking ship called zanu pee f. Hauna rudzi iwe. tsvaga kuna baba vako or bvunza mhai.

  • tongogara

    Bla mhata nyarari, close ur stinking mouth, masvada eblue anenge estoko

  • Poor farmer

    leave and let die

  • Jumpdaki

    Chombodog, interfered with a vibrant MCC by firing the Mayor (because he is white),” Greydog you claim to be educated when you do not even know when to put commas. Who is whyte here, the stupid mayor who tried to bicker with his boss over a parking bay or Chombo? You are just writing rubish.

    “Jumpthuuvvi, I have to time for you today.” What is the meaning of that wena nja? Nxha sh1t!

  • http://zimeye Steel Wire

    Imagine putting my X on Zanu PF ballot paper, never ever will I waste my time.