Dead or alive, Mugabe is now useless – ZANU-PF


ZANU-PF high echelons have finally accepted that Mugabe is now part of their history rather than their present as the man is apparently struggling to cope with the day-to-day demands of both ruling the country and leading ZANU-PF as a party. This reality-check seems to have been kicked off by the recent rumours of Mugabe’s Easter holiday illness. Senior ZANU-PF sources are worried that Mugabe, who was publicly seen struggling to deliver his 18 April speech, cannot deliver promises that he is making in his campaign for the next elections. They point out that froth was coming out of his mouth during the speech and he continuously had to use tissue paper to wipe away saliva. They all agree he needs rest but no one has the guts to tell him to quit. This is evidenced by the

"used tissue paper to wipe away saliva"“used tissue paper to wipe away saliva”

said two successors, Emerson Mnangagwa and Joyce Mujuru, who both recently denied any interest in replacing the ailing Mugabe. However, what is visible among ZANU-PF big shots is the urgency to loot the country’s mineral resources. Sources are saying ZANU-PF is set to benefit whether Mugabe remains or dies in power.

Where does the loot go?

Nobody seems to know where the benefits from the country’s resources are being taken. Evidence suggests the Ministry of Finance is not receiving enough mineral proceeds, suggesting only a few are benefiting. This is the case regardless of the Finance Minister’s recent calls to the West to uplift targeted sanctions which affect, amongst others, Mbada Diamonds Resources which is apparently used by senior ZANU-PF and Military personnel for personal benefit. Online newspapers recently reported that either Mugabe or his former pilot, Andy Mhlanga, who is also the current chairman of Mbada Resources, are developing a multimillion property in Durban’s most upmarket area (South Africa). Estimated between R200 to R300 million, the property apparently boasts of a house, two man-made dams, an underground bunker, bullet-proof windows and a helipad. If these reports are true, this property will be one of the many properties that Zimbabweans suspect is being paid for by money from corrupt dealings. Corruption is one of the biggest threats to Zimbabwean society and it is a major motivation for people who want a change of politics in the country. Also, the property in Durban validates rumours that the South African government is allowing ZANU-PF big shots to hide Zimbabwe’s loot in their country. For the past decade there have been calls to the RSA government to stop ZANU-PF members from using their country as a haven to hide Zimbabwe’s stolen riches. However, South Africa has not imposed economic sanctions on Zimbabwean politicians and thus for them, whether or not corruption is suspected to have played a part in monies that are brought into the country by Zimbabweans, they are just dealing with an “investor”. In a nutshell, Zimbabweans need to find out more information about activities of corrupt government officials and individuals. A future new government should then create an asset forfeiture unit which will ensure money obtained through corruption returns to the country to help rebuild our economy.

Powerless MDCs?

The MDCs combined have a majority of MPs in Parliament but somehow ZANU-PF still seems to be unstoppable. The looting of resources in Marange continues unchallenged and recently the PM declared himself satisfied with operations in that area even though we all know there is no transparency. Violence remains a major threat to communities and up to now several key electoral reforms have not been met as ZANU-PF continues to resist attempts to level the political playing field. While we recognise and appreciate the progress made in some areas by the GNU, it remains worrying that if the key reforms are not met the country risks sliding back to the pre-2008 elections environment.

ZANU-PF in a fix

We should be heartened, however, by the widespread panic and confusion with in ZANU-PF as they struggle with how to handle the issue of succession after Mugabe. Recent indications suggest a bitter fight between rivals. This situation is supposedly worsened by the military’s inability to command the majority of the force to participate in the ZANU-PF succession wars. Sources say the military will find it difficult to flex its muscles in Zimbabwe’s politics should Mugabe go because there are less that 100 senior officers who subscribe to ZANU-PF’s way of doing things. The rest of the army is apparently more interested in their personal struggles to make ends meet due to low salaries and certainly not interested in being used as party machinery. So what will happen if Mugabe goes? This question should not be left to ZANU-PF alone and it is high time everyone has a say!

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    Kikikikiki just get rid of this old goat b4 it sheets itself in public,keep on investing ur money in mzansi we will attach all ur investments to compensate gukurahundi victims

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the time is now very near, the difficult bit is getting the stolen wealth back from the thieving Zanu pf top dogs. People like Gono know where all the cash is stashed and should be detained as soon as possible.

  • Tongogara

    Imi tisiirei mutungamiri wedu akadaro he iz a good leader

  • Anonymous

    kikiki hahahaha

  • Cedric Sibanda

    Mugabe is just another useless shona dog who we are not interested in. It’s his army generals and ministers who we want on the end of a rope or at the end of a piece of 7.62mm pipe!!We will get each and every one of them, regardless of how long it takes. You see how easy Mujuru was – the rest will be easier!!!!

  • ini hangu

    Heading yacho ndoyandipedza

  • Bla Gotcha

    Usually the chamelion judges itself by what it duplicates or is mirrored on, let’s use the mirrow images to judge and get even with it , if you are certain on how accurate to catsh those images before they change. Wisdom is called.

  • Goddy

    Mugabe is great leader stop writting nonsense abt him

  • tapiwa mafuta

    mugabe is now useless just as used toilet tissue paper

  • http://Gmail Sydnney

    Yangova hari yopfanzirofa veduwe

  • Bla Gotcha

    Sometimes i wonder why goodness can be flipped into bad over time, look at malema

  • Chikara chePolitics

    Vana Mathula you need a strong political orientation thats pure naked political petty nganonyorwa. Whats wrong with the fact that the President is ill? Its normal that sometimes we the human race are not immune from health disfunctioning . Every one can be a victim of health disfunctionality so stop writing nonsensical articles against our President. To be a president doesnot mean he is omnipotent ,he is just a human being like you. Please apply clarity and dont base your poor criticism on his health try other issues.
    On sucession this is the most calculated plot to inistigate factionalism in Zanu . You have heard the man himself Shumba yeCHIRUMHANZU, Mnangagwa refuting these baseless allegations of sucession. It shows your poor analysis as a journalist who still sticks on petty false issues.
    On looting of resources the reality is the Finance Ministry is receiving more proceeds . Its only that the statement by Biti is partisan and the chances for him to loot are blocked so he had to fireback. Biti is a frustrated minister thats why he is refusing to fund Kasukuwere. His party is against indeginisation policies thats why in US he presented shit. These are unjustified facts there is nothing like looting to S.A
    On powerless 2 MDCs or better known by the people as Movements for Direct Confusion. I think here you had shown me Chikara chePOLITICS that you did write your form 4 and pass with Cs . Thats a better analysis though you failed to understand the rational behind the legality in which Zanu derives its legitimate control of government from. Look poor journalist in Zim the most powerful organ is the Presidence (executive) not the parly as u wrongly puts it. U need to read Amendment Number 19 of the Lancaster Hse Constitution which is still in force and the GPA document. Nyanga dzese dziripana mudhara not the August House. So there is nothing these 2 Mdcs can do.


    Chikara chePORITICS

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    Continue speculating!

  • De – Capro

    Gentlemen, i am a full Zanu PF supporter.
    But Guys, the man is old – it’s high time the man steps down and let someone else take over, he needs to do that not for anyone but for himself,
    we respect the president and he has done so much for us but i guess everything comes to and end,
    The man needs to go and rest now otherwise he will die sooner than his time.

  • Anonymous

    De-Capro ari right but do you think there are any there in top echelon who will have the b@lls to tell Gushungo that? Top ZANU members want him there only so they can loot behind his back.


    Tichabata vose vaidya naye.Vanoita sevakudai dhindhi ivo vasingakudei.Mutupo wangu unonzi tembo mazvimbakupa vachakusekai maenda.

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    IWE POISON (CHIKARA) CHEPOLITICS unozivei, munhu anorwara pfungwa ndiye anofamba achiudza vanhu kwavo kuti varwere. Mugabe achembera haachagona kutonga ndichochokwadi ichocho unless dzako dzakatambwa nepwere. Looting irikuitwa masikati machena nevaripanyanga ifact inozivikanwa nepwere dzose munyika nyangwe muchingonyepera maBritish nemaAmericans. Hamakatora minda nemigodhi nemafactory zvadai kuparara muchiti varungu varikutitadzisa kuzvishanda kwenyu ndiko kufunda kuripai? Iwe intelectual hirevi kuviga chokwadi uchishambadzira manyepo mhani. Taneta nenhema tatindiwara nehutsinye hwenyu. Mhuri yaperera kutevera varungu kunze kwenyika vachitiza yenyuyo ndikokugona kutonga. Unoquota constituition ,panepayakambonyatsotevedzwa neZanu Pf yenyu iyoyo. Bvisa danda riri muziso mako unyatsonzwisisa zvirikurehwa nanaMathula.

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    so where did you interview mujuru and munangagwa why disgraditing you site with cheap journalism like this balmiki

  • comrade ndex

    if he cant die lets bary him alive becoz his good as dead

  • Wezhira

    Is this journalism?We want news please since this article is not newsworthy.

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    ZANU-PF english and Border Gezi literature yandiri kuona apa eish, God help us this country is being ruled by ZANU-PF tokoloshies for real.

  • Cynthia Musiyiwa

    What is this? Bla Miki you seem to be censoring the things I am saying here on this forum. Why?. Do you want this to become cyber warfare if so tell us.

  • C. Musiyiwa

    What is this? Bla Miki you seem to be censoring the things I am saying here on this forum. Why?. Do you want this to become cyber warfare if so tell us?

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