COPAC co-chair Mangwana blasts journalists


Harare(ZimEye)-ZANU-PF COPAC co-chair Paul Mangwana at the official launch  of COPAC website on Tuesday blasted the  local media for rubbishing COPAC activities and promised not to tolerate any negative  questions  from journalists.

“We  have SADC saying that the  inclusive  government was progressing well  basing their judgment  on the  progress  of the constitution making  process  which were are leading, but  back home the  local media  is rubbishing  our efforts.

“Please I am sick and tired of answering questions about logistic during the constitution making process. You will consider me a
rude COPAC co-chairperson if you continue asking me such questions. Who  does  not  know that the  country  has no  money and
that we are depending  on UNDP  which has its  own procedures. We have logistical problems and as COPAC we are determined to make the program succeed.

“So  please  change  your focus and concentrate on constitution making rather  than the logistics and  this  I plead with  you, “he told
journalists who were part of the delegation witnessing the COPAC website launch.

Mangwana said the treasury has since intervened in the fuel issue.

“We received 100 000 litres  of fuel  from the  treasury and  some funds  from UNDP which we  have used to settle  the  outstanding amounts  we owed  the outreach teams, and  we  are  glad to announce that everything is  now  flowing”, said Mangwana


    VaMangwana COPAC haisi yenyu timbokuyeuchidzaiwo asi kuti ndeye vana veZimbabwe imi munotoriwo mushandi wedu henyu, saka siyai majourno edu aite basa ravo. What is it exactly that u want to hide by not taking critical questions, we want answers and not yo threatening of journos. If u feel u want to teach journos what to say please u r free to open yo own media organisation which will write exactly what yu want.

  • j

    the poor man is dull and when he said that he was sick and tired of being asked questions pertaining to logistics ndakafa nekuseka, he doesnt realise its due to poor planning and therefore he has to be accountable.

  • Anonymous

    paul mangwana zvariri kungoita kunge zimcare zve nhai vanhu imi!!!!!

  • Guvnor

    Who is blasting who?
    Oops sorry.
    Who is fooling who?

  • Bla Miki

    The same statement by the respected Paul Mangwana, rephrased and said by the dull Dauglas Mwonzora, would be met with a lot of appouse the same people rubbishing Mangwana. The reason, Paul mutema Daug murungu. Poor reasoning and stupid thinking from brainwashed countrymen.