Chiyangwa to open US$30m school


By newzimbabwe

HAVE-A-GO business tycoon Phillip Chiyangwa is launching a unique US$30 million private school in Harare.
Divaris Makaharis School in the upmarket Bluffhill neighbourhood is named after Chiyangwa’s father.
With 54 classrooms, a clinic, a shop, computer rooms and surrounded by a new property development, the school has an enrolment capacity of 1,350 students.

The property tycoon told New “It’s one of its kind. Our classrooms are deluxe and we have recruited only the most qualified teachers. Of course this luxury comes with a price.”

Divaris Makaharis, which opens its doors on January 11, takes pupils from Grade 0 (pre-school) right up to A Level.
chiyangwa-schoolThe curriculum, Chiyangwa said, was a combination of Cambridge and local schools authority, Zimsec.
He added: “We advertised for teachers and got thousands of applications. We sifted through these and interviewed only the finest candidates.

“Unlike government schools where parents subsidise teachers’ pay, parents won’t need to worry about that once they have paid fees here.”

Chiyangwa, thought to be the biggest property developer in Zimbabwe at present, says the school boasts the best sporting facilities in the country and a “best education guarantee”.

“Parents can choose to take a US$10 best education guarantee cover with a local bank and if they are not satisfied with the results their children get, they will get a refund,” he said.

A place at Divaris Makaharis is not cheap. Pre-school pupils will pay US$600 per term, Grades 1-7 US$1,000 and Forms 1-6 will cough up US$1,200.

The flamboyant Chiyangwa, who is given to publicly-flaunting his wealth, added: “My dream is that within the same complex we will have a university which will cater for entrepreneurial degrees. Students who leave the university would be setting off to start their own businesses.

“As an entrepreneur par excellence, I want this to be my signature – to offer other people entrepreneurial and practical skills gained over the years.

“The graduates will leave with a clear vision of how to succeed in tough situations. As a successful someone, there are people always looking to pull you down, and when it comes to me, they have failed.”

He claims the school and surrounding luxury housing units which his Pinnacle Property Holdings company is building cost US$30 million.

  • mabhunumuchasura

    Chiyangwa nechikoro chako urimboko.University kuita sei? Cambridge kuita sei kwacho?Ziva nezve ZANU ZIMSEC yako.U want to fleece people of their hard earned monies, nonsense politician

  • Chimedzanemburungwe

    Funny. And in a few months to come he needs us to vote for him and he continues kunokora.

  • muchandikwana

    uyu munhu uyu anotsvagamari vakomana. ave kuda kubira vanhu masikati machena akadai futi.

  • http://yahoo Zim Leaks

    Thanks Phillip.

    Those who say bad things about your projects, ignore them.

    Vana Bennet were filthy rich during UDI but they did not build even a creche for their workers.

    Why, because they did not want their ‘slaves” to know what was good for them and start questioning the system.

    What ” Mabhunumuchasora” should change their names to Mabhunuvakasura becoz they are now past tense in our lives and resources.

    People feel bad that a black interpreneur is successful yet people likes Rhodes not only stole resources but wanted to steal the country by calling it after himself Rhodesia.

    Britain should change its name to Duzvistan.

  • terriboy

    This man is a crook, he is trying to swindle people of their hard earned money. I stay in Bluffhill, the school is not even halfway through completion, not to mention the residential complex which is still under construction for the last ten or so years. Do not be duped into paying for anything in advance!!!

  • agripa

    terriboy is right…i stay close to that school as well..there is no way whatsoever they are going to complete construction by the 11th….people dont be duped..

  • tariro

    Has anyone noticed that all of chiyangwas projects have been under construction for the last 10 years and are no where near completion? from borrowdale, to mandhara to bluffhill and now sekuru wants to seize part of the one yekustonebridge. This guy is preying on diasporans who havent been in zimbabwe in years and have no idea whats on the ground. Vakamboisa ma adverts paTV wani saying you can get financing for a house through beverly. when you calculated the mortgage you would see that they were asking for notes of $1800 per month for a 2 or 3 bedroom, in ma areas acho that are far from upscale…and last time i checked…bluff hill isnt upscale. Mastands ekucrowhill haasi ezanu here ekuma 4000? ezvinoi vanhu vakushaya matitle deeds ivo vakabvisa mari! zimbabweans arent fools, and for those of you that want to be played…please read the fine print.

  • Bongani

    Please Zimbos learn to give credit where its due – people always want to criticise everything that is associated with Chiyangwa’s name. The good thing is that the man thrives on criticism…GO PHIDZA GO!!! Very soon vanhu vachapa kutenda when they see what your school is capable of. My brother you shall be blessed until the blessed call you blessed

  • http://yahoo JOSEPH MUTASA

    Bongani, let these loner say whay they want.

    Meanwhile life and progressive indigenisation goes on.

    Zim will never be Rhodesia again!!!!

  • King Bling

    Wish i was still in school. Imagine a limousine stretch for a school bus. Give them Chiyangwa.

  • pasinejongwe

    Err Jose Mutasa please explain me why a former Rhodesian Police Officer one Constable Chiyangwa should have the privilege of educating our children? I thought we werent supposed to be selling out to Rhodies??

  • Bla Miki

    My illiterate and dull friend called Pasinejongwe, please be advised that during the revolution struggle, only two sides were created, by choice or by design. Its either you were a Zanla supporter or you went to war in one of the Patriotic forces or you served the Rhodisians. This also goes on to say that even Morgan Tsvangirai served the Rhodisian forces by deserting from the calling to become a freedom fighter. Chiyangwa is a clear case of FROM HUMBLE BEGGININGS TO DIZZY HEIGHTS haikona zvenyu zvejerasi izvo

  • pasinejongwe

    @ bla miki
    What are you talking about?? Iwe uri bhenzi ?? It is your own darling ZANU PFs that played that game. Chiyangwa is not the only one, Bhasikiti worked for the Rhodesians as well. You clearly need reminding that in those days membership for blacks in those organisations was voluntary. Who are the black Rhodesians now??? Mfana enda ku kuchikoro are out of your league in a serious debate. Oh and please Do Not refer to me as “my friend” I do not enjoy the company of simpletons such as yourself nuff said!

  • zvanyanya

    kuvaka kwanyanya hatisi kumbonzwa zviri kupera koHotel yekugrange how far?

  • kemetalkebulan

    what a thief,glad he is banned from the usa and the uk.ask him to open his books,ask ernst & young to do the math.he says he wants to buy a jet to add to his luxury cars…more stealing i guess.