Betty Makoni Pays tribute to daughter of late Nomqhele Tshili


Below is Girl Child Founder Betty Makoni’s tribute to the woman who died with soccer icon Adam Ndlovu’s daughter.

Makoni describes her mother Nomqhele as a hero whose personal life is an inspiration for many.


Our heroes are not big names but big struggles:Nomqhele Tshili

Since the death of Adam Ndlovu was announced, I am touched to imagine what his family must be going through. I was moved like many in the world. I kept hearing though that when this accident happened there was also a 24 year old woman who died in the same car. A day or so after, I learnt from a young woman via inbox Facebook that some Zimbabweans had posted many nasty things on the news sites many of which were directed to this young woman. How sad and in our culture it is a taboo to be this disrespectful.

A hero…Nomqhele Tshili

I do not stop on one side of the story and so I researched on who exactly Nomqhele Tshili was. First point of call I googled her. As you know even what I google about someone and especially posted by another unreliable source is not what I take with full heart. I went to her Facebook page and luckily she was a friend of one of the young women on my page. I followed her page since she opened it and from there I came up with the following story.

Nomqhele Tshili was a single mum and her daughter`s photo in uniform is the first to capture my mind since I work for girls. She is her mum`s exact duplicate-look alike. I just thought how people could so easily not choose to send condolences to a nine year old girl and choose to attack her deceased mum. In all her status updates she sounded a very spiritual young woman who uses the Bible to seek answers and it looks like she posted something that made her stay strong one of which is, `Lord Jesus you are the pillar that holds my life.` Later on, as I scrolled down her Facebook page I realised she was in fact a graduate in Bible Studies.

In following her daily posts on Facebook I discovered like many young women she had challenges but she was so determined to forge ahead with her life and she posted `It’s time to let go of e past, before it affects e future. Gudnyt people.` What I like about Nomqhele Tshili is that always she found reason to move ahead with her life and all her postings show exactly she self motivated herself daily. She wanted the future to be best which many of us do not think about.

As one reads deeper into her thoughts I shared deep sadness when she paid tribute to her late mum and the message she posted in May read like `Msng someone who wl alwys b loved. Today its e 9th year since she left m. Wl alwys her, my mum.` This message tells me she lost her mum when she was about 13 years and she might have faced many struggles as an orphaned girl and therefore to have a degree and lead in a church is quite an achievement.

I always try and find out about young women like Nomqhele Tshili. I always want to learn about their daily challenges which many do not talk about. There are many who die in tragic situations like her and society should know these young women may not be heroes like some men with big names but their daily triumphs show heroism. In this young woman, I saw a single mum determined to achieve. I saw a graduate and I saw an orphaned girl who keeps strength. In her case she found the church a place to be and it is now people in her church who will come and celebrate her spirituality.

On behalf of all girls I give strength to her daughter and hopefully all family members will unite and support her till she reaches her potential as a woman leader. One day when her daughter googles she will know women like me paid tribute and wished her peaceful rest. Our heroes are not big names only. Our heroes are young women who struggle daily.

I also say rest in peace Adam Ndlovu and I followed you from way back as you did us proud as a nation. Such heroic deeds leave pleasant memories.

Peter Ndlovu wishing you a speedy recovery.

Please note her church made this announcement:Funeral gathering for Nomqhele Tshili, a member of 2nd service who passed on in a car accident on Sunday night at No. 10 Collenbranda Rd, North End. Burial arrangements have not been announced yet. Let’s stand with the family during their time of loss. –

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  • Bla Miki

    Mugòdhöyì, who is shallow here between the Muzorewa award winner and us observers? Did Muzorewa bring any peace to this country, with his Dzakutsaku and Pfumorevanhu?

  • kufaurimupenyu

    Awards mean nothing but what one stands for is important.Thanx Bettie for reminding us about the girl left by Nomqhele.

  • Miss Bee

    Betty, thank you so much for honouring Miss Tshili. She was a bright star that shone very brightly to people who knew and loved her. She was acheiving and striving for greatness under such difficult tragic circumstances having lost her mum as a teenager. It is so very tragic that her life has been cut short; and thank you for telling her story. Nomqhele Tshili may your beuatiful soul rest in peace. All of God’s blessings be upon her and guide her through life; and may she too strive and achieve greatness in her life.

  • Malema

    Attention seeking nonsense

  • Tsano

    Stupid hule kutsvaga relevance nepasipo. Continue w yo thigh trading business and sellout shenanigans out there. Usatinyaudza. Siya vana vevhu ticheme Adamski wedu kwete kuti pwetere pwetere zvisina maturo. Editor next time dont pay attention to this woman. Pamberi neZanu PF. Bhora mugedhi akomana

  • http://gmail zimbo true

    tsano unopengu pesepese musangano unorwara nepfungwa

  • c@ndy

    Tsano urimboko,how dare you disrespect women?Kusakwana Dai Mwari vakutora you are a disgrace.

  • crayze

    as much as your article is a good read i am saddened by your holier than thou stance. everyone has their view. Lets not be quick to rubbish people’s thoughts as much as there might seem wrong. how many mothers with daughters are dying on a daily basis?

  • PhilaniNcube

    thank you very much mam

  • Mary Jane

    Sadly she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If she was a lass that asked for a lift then hey no qualms, but if she was having an affair with either of the brothers phew she will be judged like any other adultress & I as a bible scholar graduate can confirm there is no expemptions to sin of the flesh for even ordained folk sin too. Lets pray for the families to heal & the nation to draw ever needed simply lessons in life like:
    1. service your vehicles regularly
    2. dont speed over limit
    3. wear seatbelts
    4. be midful of whose car you have a ride in
    5. death comes so refrain from your judgemental vulgarities unless you are a saint
    6. let Betty deal with her shock even if it appears or sounds schizophrenic to you

  • mhunga

    Where was Tshili going to at the very fatefull day and what was she doing in the car? Why are you divorcing ourselves from the causes of the accident and focusing on honouring people of which some of them must be blamed for causing the fate. Let’s be realistic and explain the causes and why everyone who was involved in the accident was was where they were at that very time pakati pehusiku? This will also set an example and can then be avoided by the still living. Rest in peace Adamski and to Tshili go well sister.