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A new Horizon For Zimbabwean Gospel Music
Youtube hits = 83,000 within less than 6 months
It is a music video arguably the best ever produced on Zimbabwean soil. It looks like they filmed it in the US, or maybe Germany, but no, it was shot right here. No other music video released matches its creativity yet made out of simplicity, and the music is so solid, your ears will vibrate while hearing as your eyes flash back and forth.

This week’s best song video of the week is Tembalami ft Wellington Kwenda’s -“Tomurumbidza.”

There are some wondrous things that happen in our lives that make us forget things, the feeling of things and the idea as to how they were brought about. I am a man who believes in no boundaries and I believe that all things are possible if you cast out your vision and strength towards it.

Thembalami is the name of a Gospel artist who has made me remain silent but to adore his parents for giving him such a name full of prophecy – his name is literally translated as “my hope” you can as well say “my trust” it all still means but one thing. However you look at it, I have had trust in South Africans coming up with lovely styles of music; if some may come to mind Kwela, Amarabi, Di-Gong, Kwaito. And now they have come up with a style called House Music- all in this there are a lot of musicians who have made an impact on the African continent even while we talk about the likes of Brenda Fassie, Vuyo Mukoena, Jabu Khanyile, Jabu Hlongwane of the famous joyous celebration. These musicians are among a few that have transformed songs that we all know to songs that we thought we knew nothing about. Zimbabwe lost this touch if I be correct: we lost the flavour during the days of the great Leonard Musorowenyoka Dembo, James Chimombe, Solomon Shuza, the Lovemore Majaivana. After these legendaries, there has been music, yes which we all loved but yet all lacked creativity.

Thembalami revives that hope as his name says. For the ZimEye Song of the week category, his song “Tomurumbidza” which laterally is translated “We will worship him” in English has left me so amazed and wanting more of this share creativity in this Youngman’s song. A common song from the Australian band – Hill Song “Im Trading my Sorrows” sounds more than a song with its lyrical style changed in Shona. Oh my word this is a song, I believe as well as I can say if I had to vote, I would certainly rig the vote by voting 500 times in front of Cde Tobaiwa Mudede’s eyes!

Here is the video for you to watch enjoy:

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Edwin Mathe is the new ZimEye Showbiz Editor. He has a vast experience in music and drama. Mathe is a William Shakespear Actor, and was part of a group that successfully transformed Shakespear's prestigious works into Ndebele and Shona languages.
Edwin Mathe is the new ZimEye Showbiz Editor. He has a vast experience in music and drama. Mathe is a William Shakespeare Actor, and was part of a group that successfully transformed Shakespear's prestigious works into Ndebele and Shona languages


    Themabalami, Another Mthwakazian teaches Shonas how to make good music. Thembelamai come back to Bulawayo and leave them before they steal your talent

  • Jumpdaki

    Very soon all of them will be singing like Thembalami. I suspect this Thembalami chap is plagiarising SA music lets wait and see the originality in this Thembalami Kwenda.

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    MaNdex kuda kungokabira nezvisiri zvenyu makazoita zita rinonzi Kwenda riini?kikikikiki!

  • Jumpdaki

    Chando you are always benchmaking our culture please continue doing so until you some sort of culture. You sister copied other people’s music I suspected that. Even the name is copy cat.

  • jojo

    the quality is excellent but they got stuck on location, the vedioa was shot in one place and throufght the video people are dancing and jumping at the same place

  • Edwin Mathe

    Ok Zimbabweans Let us all be mature and work towards building our identity as Zimbabweans despite being Shona or Ndebele there are likes of Joseph Shabalala who came up with a saying that music knows no boundaries, while we are creating boundaries amongst ourselves we are also creating boundaries to our musicians who are at present as i look at it are the only symbol of hope for our nation, as your Editor i do understand the concept of freedom of speech but let our speeches be productive ones let us all support our artist despite where they come from i am your editor im neither Shona or Ndebele yet i speak all of the languages fluently lets all embrace our cultural diversity and accept each other as Zimbabweans who are unique in their cultures i thank you all for staying in tune and following your favourite on-line Newspaper Zim Eye we all love you as a nation of people that is so rich and diverse in its cultures love your one and only Showbiz, and entertainment Editor Edwin the Prince Mathe