Baba Jukwa: Police Vote Rigging Exposed


Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa: Police Letter Expose’
The faceless Facebook watchdog guru, Baba Jukwa has exposed what is believed to be a ZANU PF plot to force police officers to vote for Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF party.

Jukwa on Wednesday night said he received the below unedited letter from a known police officer who reveals how they have been told ZANU PF bosses will monitor how they vote which is through the serial numbers on the ballot paper tagged with the the cop’s badge number.

Below is the unedited letter:

Unedited letter from a concerned cop: Police officers are receiving threats everyday vachinzi we will know pawavhotera coz we will match the serial numbers of the sv1 application for special vote and the serial number of the ballot paper.

Sha it’s not cool out there and tell the opposition parties to wake up and challenge these rigging tactics before its too late. The ZRP has now become transporter and safe keepers of ZANU PF’s party regalia yet zveMDC havadi kunzwa nezvazvo surely the ground is not level but asijiiki Baba Jukwa ivo vane maFord ranger nemaNavara ngavavhote.”

Baba Jukwa's hot avatar
Baba Jukwa’s hot avatar

I say bulls***, nothing is being linked to anything fellow cops. Don’t be intimidated anymore now it’s to send them packing, we don’t have time to baby sit or protect them to steal and enjoy life while our families are suffering yet their children are being educated in Europe and America. Let’s get rid of all these evil old people. Believe me nothing will be linked to anyone even if it’s linked, will they kill every cop because every cop is a mpaduki now. To hell with Chihuri and cronies and their wives who are living lavishly while your wives are suffering, don’t be scared wives and family members of cops, together we will attain a better country.

Asijiki Ndatenda


Baba Jukwa



    TYPICAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • george bachinche

    This is typical Chibhoyi thinking from Baba Jukwa and the gullible followers.
    people in public services, including the police are not to supposed engage in partisan politics openly.

    If individuals want to be activ e in politics, there is one thing to do, leave the police force!

  • http://Zimeye Samora

    GayJukwa kkkkkkkki, only fellow gays, particularly in the sellout outfit MDC-t will believe this psycho!


    George bachinche please rewrite your comment in shona/ndebele.Nyaya yako hainzwike


    Bhora mughedi gore rino. Icho.

  • iiooooo

    icho gore rino

  • Chando Kupisa

    I mean mughedi ra Tsvangirayi

  • lord carrington


  • Trainis Gandawa

    Jukwa is nothing more an delusional psycho who needs a psychological assessment. This man is now very delusional and makes stories that he thinks people can believe. He follows the revelations about America espionage into other counries. Jukwa is part of hostile press to feed pepople falsewood. I used to fall this character he used to argue with a whiteman who was anti land reform. Jukea defend the move and the white man opposed. Then said is gone rogue and started hearing commanding voices telling what happens in the ZANU. Actually make up those stories are bbc, cnn, hostiles online papers and beerhall rumours. Its easier for jukwa to up with of that or manufucture one. A warning to Baba. Brother, being grandiose and delusional to your level can not easil be reversed. After the elections you may go Schzophrenia.. Its not easy to treat. ” going on open road shouting…..”

  • La Liga

    @Trainis Gandawa Baba Jukwa is far better deluded than bandits, Webster, Psychology and jonathan Moyo.

  • Mdunga

    The sad thing is that MDC-T has a minister of home affairs : police are under that, it seems there not able to do anything about it.

  • iwe

    is jukwa is a psycho and dillusional this means 200 000 followrs of him are also dillusional and t remains tht only u z normal so who z mad u check urself

  • reason

    If u see somebody believing or followin
    baba jukwa/durex, then that person neefs
    urgent medical attention. To be precise that
    follower needs a cocktail of anti- depressants
    the same applies to amateur reporters who
    have no news to report.

  • Bigaz

    Reason unemamhepo just like Trainis.

  • flkombs

    ndokuti nyika iveyakanaka lets remove those who steal

  • bla zish

    You are being watched, the government has a secret machine which watches and detects acts of terror,violent crimes. It watches every move,planned move. l know it that’s BJ for you he gives the insights of every secret.keep up the good work BJ asijiki