Baba Jukwa Latest Tip Index Tortures Mugabe & ZANU PF


Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Latest Index Troubles ZANU PF
A Troublemaker Emerges In Zimbabwe Elections, Zimbabwe’s Julian Assange Dishes Dirty: these were some of the top stories on Sunday morning.

A latest popularity index tip based on the “Helmut Norpoth Cycle of Presidential Popularity” has sprung ZANU PF into panic amid a rising belief that Facebook personality Baba Jukwa has become more popular and community gripping than the country’s old national television and radio broadcaster, ZBC.

“If Baba Jukwa truly represents Morgan Tsvangirai, and Amai Jukwa Robert Mugabe and these digits were quickly converted into live ballot votes, then Robert Mugabe’s political career has come to a sudden end,” commented political analyst Perry Mukwatira.

Jukwa Index

The report debated by Indigenisation Minister Savior Kasukuwere, propaganda mouth-ripper Jonathan Moyo and other senior cadres suggests that ZANU PF is now no more. In the report, the pro-Tsvangirai Baba Jukwa was ranked more than 86% in popularity above the pro-Mugabe Amai Jukwa Facebook page. It has resulted in Saviour Kasukuwere admitting in public that he actually intently follows Baba Jukwa’s posts daily.

Said Kasukuwere: “I do read (Baba Jukwa), I am a politician and a smart one too. I find myself in this limelight because of the portfolio I am in charge of. It naturally would attract much more than what I am going through. It is about the liberation of our people. It’s about the economic independence of our country.”

Both Likes and Site-wide talk influence were measured and Baba Jukwa was found to be daily and exponentially towering over Amai Jukwa.

The index has since resulted in top ZANU PF functionaries monitoring progress and encouraging the youth in ZANU PF to “like” Amai Jukwa.

Meanwhile, Baba Jukwa’s Facebook page’s likes continued to rise every second with both the Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO) and top ZANU PF officials following closely.


21 days to go. Its election count down. Is it too early to celebrate? Celebrate for a new dispensation of a democratic Zimbabwe. Just wondering….

It’s written all over, everybody is eagerly watching as the curtains are coming down on the inclusive government formed in 2009, as the moment of truth draws nigh at hand. Even the atmosphere, the birds, the trees and indeed stones everywhere, seem to be saying, in their hundreds of voices, “Enough is enough, the time for change has come, yes- together we can complete the change.”

This month, history will be made. Very soon you will decide your future. The next election is a simple choice. It is a choice between hope and destruction.

The much awaited Zimbabwe’s watershed elections to be held on the 31st of July will officially mark the end of hunger, joblessness, lack of education, breakdown of rule of law and atrocities as people will vote for change.

No unhallowed hand can stop the work of democracy from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but MDC noble plan of economic recovery will go forth boldly, nobly, and independently, till it has penetrated every dusty street of Zimbabwe, visited every clime, swept every ward, and sounded in every ear, till the vision of hope, prosperity and freedom shall be brought to pass, and even the hard hearted and stiff-necked shall say- “Lo and behold-change has come “.

Let us, then, press on confidently in the fight for what is right as we look forward to the glorious years of peace, food, jobs and justice ahead.

This year’s election will be an election to end a crisis. Zimbabweans have declared to vote for change, for jobs and for prosperity. No amount of violence, intimidation and frustrations will stand between the people and their vision.

This is a great time to live, my fellow Zimbabweans, and it is up to us to end tyranny on the people of Zimbabwe that has been the hallmark of previous generations. This is not a time for the spiritually faint of heart. We cannot afford to be passive during these elections; indeed the pen is mightier than the gun.

It’s not hard to decide whom to vote for. There is a distinctive narrative between the performance of Zanu PF in governance and MDC performance in governance. We should not repeat a culture of corruption created by Zanu Pf.

Zanu pf performance before and in inclusive government was proof beyond reasonable doubt of an exhausted party and simply dysfunctional. That anyone can think that Zimbabweans can throw their future in this bungling lot for the next five years somewhat eludes my wisdom.

We have to change the political culture set by Zanu PF over the past three decades of one man one rule, of an imperial President.

MDC national economic blue print currently held under the theme JUICE: Jobs, Upliftment, Investment Capital and the Environment outlines a framework for full economic recovery, with a return to sustainable and inclusive growth policies aimed at uplifting every Zimbabwean. JUICE is the pathway to macroeconomic stabilization, institutional and structural reforms that will restore hope and pride in our economy and spur long term economic growth.

Consistent with its vision to create a better future for our citizens, the MDC approach is a comprehensive economic strategy aimed at job creation, upliftment, capital investment and sound environmental management.

Through a cluster based development model, its policy approach will facilitate the development of economic growth nodes in peri-urban zones to create a more balanced economy, all of which is aimed at reducing high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Come July 31, I will vote for change and so is everyone with genuine intentions for Zimbabwe and its people.

Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC represent the hopes of millions of Zimbabweans, both at home and abroad, for a NEW ZIMBABWE anchored on equality and upliftment. Since joining the coalition government in 2009, Morgan Tsvangirai has shown his capacity to deliver. Today Zimbabweans have access better heath care and education, which had collapsed before he stepped in. But Morgan Tsvangirai can do much more if you give him the job to run the country. 2013 is the year. Let’s complete the change. Yes, together we can complete the change.

  • La liga

    The 2008 results which took six weeks to cook is the main reason why ZBC, state newspapers, rowdy bandits like webster Shamu, jonathan Moyo, Charamba and other HATE crusaders campaign daily against MDC T. But this has no effect on the thousands of Zimbabweans who are on daily basis tormented by assassinations and lack of security in their own country. Zimbabweans; with the exception of Ncube and Dabengwa, badly want to do away with the Mugabe regime.

  • http://babajukwa nambi jama

    so how are the election going happend i mean the out come.

  • farai

    This baba jukwa thinks zanu was born yesterday who cares of wat he writes nothing is gonna change, zanu pf was not born yesterday hate them but you still under their armpit and there is nothing you can do about it two words for you Go Hang your ass .

  • munhumutapa

    Baba jukwa claims to be zanu pf, but all his post are against zanu pf, how does that work? I would respect him more if he reports what’s bad and GOOD about zanu pf not the BAD only.

  • Dr. Dlodlo esq

    :-*Farai you are right Zanu was not born yesterday but what you dont tell us is why anyone would vote this old party? The main reason why people have fallen out with Zanu is that they spend time insulting others especially MDC T, South Africa, America, Britain Sadc United Nations, Commonwealth, whites, Joshua Nkomo, Nelson Mandela, Zuma, Lindiwe Zulu, human rights organisations, NGOs, radio stations, foreign observers the list is endless. But in Zanu Pf they never love themselves!! How then would you expect such a party to be people friendly?

  • shushu

    baba Jukwa appears to have a personal vendetta against someone. His is not as progressive as he claims. He encourages pple to do the very things he criticises others of doing.

  • reason

    This just a desparate MDC T attempt, but its of no effect. only a few comments in support of baba jukwa are displayed despite the so called large following.The majority of comments which
    are anti baba jukwa, and which also insult the
    page are blocked or immidiately erased on the
    site. You have a following of 220 000 plus, then you get 70 positive responds and the rest is denied to post, what does that mean. if at all, the site has proved ZPF popularity because it receives more than 30 000 insults on daily basis. The MDCT knows it for sure that is why they are still talking of an illegal election, and yet they are contesting. This is the end time of
    Tsvangirai and team. The rallies prove it clearly.
    Thousands fo every ZPF rally and a few hundred
    for Open Zip. Even in towns the writting is on the wall. But Welshman is respected and this time he is bigger than Tsvangirai.

  • jar

    who closed sabc is it shamu because he wanted us te he can campain using zbc,ztv alone (zanu)

  • faith

    I think if present generation of Zimbabweans are to think about the future of their children and grandchildren its time to vote the way forward that tomorrow you won’t still be complaining about uncertainity,economic hardship, social imbalances due to individualism, corruption and all other ills an average Zimbabwean always has to say “will see”, “hameno chero zvazvaita” and all other things we say in pain. Don’t complain about something you can change, cos you can do something about it now. God bless Zimbabwe

  • jenero

    Nothing new Zanu PF can offer we been under their oppressionn for many years and we can simple see that there is no future with this old part which does not rejuvenant itself with new generation. So Zanu is the end we dont care to hell with your liberation struggle stories we need tomorrow

  • jenero

    They very stupid by forcing their security forces to forcible force them to cast their votes under the guidance of member in charge war veterans this guys are shooting themselves how mad,brainless can you force someone whom you never gave pay enough to like you all this guys if they vote according to their will they have no brain at all.

  • Bla Miki

    Well spoken Shushu and other comrades. There is no such large following on this Bhambi Junky as purported by this pro MDC T publication. Upon asking a few questions to this idiot, he/she/they immediately blocked my account instead of answering my questions. Important to note is the fact that the Presidential race is not about Bhambi Jukwa or whatever, the race is on President Mugabe against minnors and pretenders Morigeni Tsvangidog, Prof Ncube nevamwewo vaviri. The race has already been won by President Mugabe hence all the wailing and twinkling by Bhambi Junky is irrelevant and stupid.

  • Jumpdaki

    Kikiki followers of a shadowy figure you will be led into your doom and then you will hear a very loud and clear devil like laughter from the shadows. Jukwa is even scared of the Bhambi Miki kikiki.

  • The Black Aristocrat

    The reason there are so many denied to posts on the Baba Jukwa facebook page is because the Zimbabwean CIO’s Chinese internet hackers have been bombarding it with computer programmed multiple posts every few seconds, in a desperate attempt to render the site unusable, in much the same way they are using expert Israeli electronic vote manipulators to steal the election!

    Apparently, there are now enough rigged ghost voters on the voters roll, such that if every Zimbabwean registered to vote decided to vote for the MDC it would not matter, because Mugabe’s ghost voter tally would still be greater than his opponents!

    What is astonishing is that these pig ignorant Zanu ‘Diesel from Rocks’ PF murderous criminals think they will still be able to get away with it ! Lol !!!!!

  • Baba Zukwa

    Ever since MDC came into the GNU people could no longer go into the streets to demonstrate as they used to do. No protest was ever done against corrupt councillors, no protest was ever done against the high rate of employment. This is a sign MDCs dont practice what they preach.

    Baba Jukwa is a very negative project meant not only to destroy Zanu Pf but people’s belief in themself. By painting a grim picture Baba Jukwa aims to in divide Zimbabwe cause violence and create a situation that justifies military intervention.
    This syndicate also consists of people who want to keep Zimbabwe as it was before 2000 when whites called the shots.
    The syndicate’s fan base is some people who went to elite schools, gays, lesbians, tribalists, satanists and bitter farmers. This citizen journalism project is has been hijacked by people who like to disempower the majority.

    Just like the MDCT whose sponsors like a situation where the majority have only a voice but no stake in the economy.

    Without Mugabe all these dark forces have enough popularity to mislead people and conquer. Who is Baba Jukwa to some mother or father in rural areas. Who is Baba Jukwa to a youth who wants peace, jobs and politicians that represent people’s interests.

    Baba Jukwa is purportedly standing for the truth to win audience but their sinister motive is to destroy the national agenda. And it is the endorsement of Baba Jukwa by Satanists that makes the Jukwas false prophets.
    True Zimbabweans should stand against these Jukwas(evil spirits)

  • Patriotic.Zimbabwean

    Baba Jukwa is miles ahead of you all,call him names but patriotic Zimbabweans love him so so much.We don care whether he reveals himself or not bt bottom line is siyam’thanda and the sooner ZANU-PF hardliners accept it the better.


    Bhora mughedi gore rino.Icho.

  • Bla Miki

    Agreed Baba Zukwa, this fictitious gay cult called Bhambi Junky is there to portray Zimbabwe as an ungovernable state where lawlessness and anarchy reigns supreme. Stupid followers of this not so clever puppet are daily deceived into telephoning mobile line numbers provided by this goon purportedly to be for certain individuals. If you call those numbers, an almost similar voice will always answer you and what does this mean? Jumpdog, l respect you so much that it pains me to classify you in the same bracket with the likes of Dzimeti Motodog, La Ligay and Gaygodzva, your perfect match.

  • http://gmail Gunman Mumunda

    You surprise me with your foolishness. You ask who is going to vote for Zanu PF ? I AM , my wife is , my grown up kids are and a lot of my other comrades to many to mention. For your own information , we are going to win convincingl. Tel Chematam 58 seats dze Matebeleland are gone by Ncube, ZanuPF and Dabengwa saka pa 98 dzako dziya wasara ne ngani . Sorry zavako.

  • Ndumiso

    Shut up you little
    worms,i mean Gunmen Mumunda
    and Nja Miki,
    you are just talking
    rubbish,i’m a loyal
    member of the original MDC
    under the leadership of Prof
    Ncube,hayi lumsuzo wenu
    liyezwa bafanyana?

  • Bla Miki

    He he he he he, Cde Gunman, vaudze anambwa ava. Welshman is definately taking a huge chunk in Matabeleland followed by Zanu Pf. Landslide vakomana tichivhotera our own King Solomon.

  • La Liga

    Bandit Miki stop passing the bark; Baba Jukwa always says he used to be a bandit like you. Baba Jukwa knows how bandits operate and he no longer see any value of being rogue 33years after independence. So dont blame the party of excellance. Remain with your bandit ways ok

  • Bigaz

    I’m always amazed at how zanu pf supporters on this forum and even their leaders resort to insults even without provocation. Instead of debating facts all they know to do is insult. I really wonder what kind of stuff is filling up their heads.
    Bhora mughedi for you guys as in scoring own goals!

  • otto

    vanongoonekwa vanhu varikuponda nyika,kuti havasisirivo vanakasukuwere ivava vatirikutaura navo pano coz the way yavanomirira zpf yacho zvinondinetsa kuti chinovarwadza nababa jukwa chii,manje gore rino hamulumi majaira kudya zvokuba semakudo!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Thokozani Mhlanga D

    Gore rino vanochiwana chakatadzisa kuseka imbwa kuseka kunyenama ichigona. Phambili Mdc, zanu pf wil b history come 31 july. We are sick and tired of thieves and thugs and is tym 4 a change . Baba jukwa where were u all along? Thanx much for giving us the neccesary info to expose dictators

  • Ndumiso

    Msathanyoko wena nja nyamakaka ozenza mina why don’t you use your stupid gay name nja?

  • Dzimai Moto

    Vana veZimbabwe Sahwi and Baba Jukwa have urgent news to report to you for action otherwise innocent Zimbabweans are going to be killed today. As Sahwi is writing this post THREE OFFICERS FROM HARARE CENTRAL CENTRAL POLICE ARE IN DANGER OF BEING KILLED TONIGHT BY THE EVIL PEOPLE IN MY PARTY!!

    Police Sergeant Munyasi and Assistant inspector Jaji, and another one whose name we will give you soon need Zimbabwe’s help right now.

    The three Central Police officers were arrested on Wednesday for looking for police nominal voters roll. They were tortured at Harare Central Police and now they are being moved from police station to police station. You all know vana veZimbabwe that the evil people in my party are dangerous. These three innocent men are GOING TO BE KILLED ZIMBABWE is Zimbabwe does not speak up. Extol your leaders to stand up for these men who did not commit any crime. Morgan and company needs to demand answers from Chihuri why these innocent men are in jail right now. Speak up with one voice Zimbabwe. Push your leaders. Those with relatives in the police do your part, tell your police relatives on the watch for any acclivities at their police station which might indicate the presence of these innocent men. Zimbabwe will their part to rescue them. Leaders of political parties opposed to our Party of evil people do something for the safe return of the three officers. The officers are are primarily accused of leaking vote rigging to Baba Jukwa and Sahwira, they need your support or they will be killed.
    Asijiki! — at Zanu PF 2013.

  • Greyhora

    Ignore the Great Baba Jukwa at your peril, Zanu PF dogs and Mthakathi fools!

  • huvhinyi

    Silly people. the number of jukwa or mai jukwa likes does not translate to ballot results. remember jukwas followers are scattered around the globe and you will be amazed how many of these can actually vote. mdc this time can’t win because of the absence of the hunger factor. in 2008 we were so angry. shops were empty. money was useless. this time the anger is gone. zimbabwe right now is about the most peaceful in the world. we know if mdc wins the whites will come back for their farms. we progressive zimbos can’t allow that. of course we couldn’t be allocated land but we realised land is on sale everywhere. all we must do is raise a few dollars , as little as $600, for initial deposit. if the whites come we are done for. mdc no.ZANU PF YES

  • Mukoikoi

    Ende futi.

  • http://facebook Bismark Hondoyapera

    I am a war vet, i never claimed compensation for paticipating in the liberation struggle, i voted from Dzapasi Assembly Point in 1980. Zanu PF was a party of the people but now it is a party of greedy and torture. All negative remarks about Baba Jukwa do not prove him wrong. He said comrade so and so was killed in a stage managed accident or mysterious inferno and Police Officers so and so are being tortured right now for nothing. Tell us is that not correct.

  • Mlilo

    Anyone who did some researchwork or statistics will tell you that you can only ignore these data at you own peril.The effects of this shadow character is surely going to be felt come the31st of July.

  • PUKU

    politics is not about likes but power people will vote for one they know is capable of leading. whoever wants to be the president has to have enough guts and power to drive us forward..without breaking… ANE ZVIVINDI NDIYE ACHATONGA.

  • chando

    This ncube guy is nothing in zim politics

  • Stop-a-Thief

    Charambamanheru & Johnathan Moyo made Catholic and recent visitor to Rome old Bob to reluctantly wear the Mapostori garb, these guys have no mercy. Amazing what pressure from Tsvangirayi & Ncube does.

    Vanhu Havachada Mugabe&zanupf!!

  • Chinja

    Those who are wise shall vote wisely enough is enough zimbabwe will never go hungry again……

  • Mao- Zidang

    Comrades why worry about bab jukwa/durex, even BOB HAS NOT BOTHERED TO RESPOND TO THAT MDCT HOGWASH, HAPANA NYAYA APO.

  • Mukadota

    Mao yep you are right…..kikikiki…the fact that Bob has not responded and let alone put a bounty of just over a quarter of a million dollars on BJ head says a lot. The coffin dodger’s closet is full to the brim with skeletons.The naked emperor wants everybody to believe that he covers his nakedness with invisible clothes.

  • bosslele

    sum other guyz are mad

    imi vanhu murikuti our president auraya nyika murikunyepa,b4 mdc zvinhu zvakanga zvakanaka pakazouya ngochani dze mdc zvinhu zvakabva zvashata.Ungati kune vanhu varikuda kuti vakuvhotere….. ipai sanction vatambudzike and woti ngochani dziuye muno munyika kwete takaramba

    kana uri ngochani vhotera mdc ushandiswe nemabhunu kana uchifunga vhotera ZANU PF 4 EMPOWERMENT unenge wato boss uchandisawo ma whites gay plus mese imi makabva kupi handiti makabva kuZANU PF mukazoenda kumdc nekuda zvinhu