Arrested Independent Editors were publishing ‘lies’ – Police


Harare(ZimEye)The two journalists from the Zimbabwe’s weekly newspaper the Zimbabwe Independent who were arrested yesterday are to be charged for allegedly publishing ‘falsehoods’. Their news story has been ‘deemed’ by police to be to undermine public confidence in law enforcement and security agents.

On Friday the 8th of May the weekly paper published a story about alleged abduction and torture of MDC-T and human rights activists by law enforcement agents.

The paper published a list of 8 senior law enforcement agents who the paper exposed for abductions and torture.

Police spokesperson senior assistant commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena confirmed that both scribes were arrested and would appear in court soon. The two will be charged under the Criminal Law(Codification and Reform) Act for publishing or communicating a statement wholly or with the intention of undermining public confidence in law enforcement agents.

The two editors are Vincent Kahiya and Constantine Chimakure.

Ironically these arrests come against the background of a media conference held in Kariba last week in order to create an enabling working environment for journalists in Zimbabwe. Incumbent Attorney General, Johannes Tomana re-iterated that as long as present laws like AIPPA and POSA are in effect they will be enforced until new legislation is promulgated. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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  • Bruce Derere

    I can imagine 4 years of arrests, false accusations etc. If you get itnnto jaail in Zim today, you will stay until the next election, when all these MPs have developed big bellies and they have totally forgotten you.

  • DM

    Can the GNU tell me what has changed in Zim?
    How can MT say things better when anyone can be picked up on trumped up charges and put behind bars. Have’nt heard a word from the MDC minister of home affairs. It would appear he is happy with the goings on. Therefore we presume MT is also happy. MT has said that everything that happens is agrred upon by Bob and himself.
    There you have it folks.

  • Mutandaura

    these are the ‘issues of adversity’ – as William Shakespear said. Brace up guys. It’s either we go in or we don’t

  • Dr. M. T. Levi Greer, Ph. D.


    The humour and irony of this story is when The Herald published their story about the editors being wanted by the police, The Herald story listed the same police officers that the Independent did.

    There’s nothing like watching a snake eat it’s own tail, when you have a safe vantage point,

    With respect and regards,

    M. T. Levi Greer

  • http://yahoomail The Serpent

    Vana Levi, leave Zimbabwe`s issues to the Zimbabwean people. Why are you intrested in our internal affairs?

    You are happy only to see us fighting. The inclusive government, GNU, is intrested in maintaining law and order.

    Ngavaverenge mbabvu vafana ava.

  • Dr. M. T. Levi Greer, Ph. D.

    Dear Friend Serpent,

    I don’t want to see you to fight. Quite the opposite, I want you to rise together as one people and overthrow the shackles of oppression.

    Even you, in one of your more ‘expansive’ moods, must see news that two newspapermen for the Independent were wanted for spreading state secrets, yet, the very next day, The Herald did exactly the same thing by naming the very same police officers. Anywhere else, such action would be called ‘treasonous’ against the good of the people, etc…..

    Your answer seems to be if you want to see how bollocked up Zimbabwe’s legal system, follow this story, take us seriously, any way…. We promise!

    Cde Bob Says So!

    With kind regards for all my brothers and sisters, including Serpent,

    M.T. Levi Greer, Ph.D.