Another “Prophecy” on Zimbabwe?


Below is an utterance regarded by many Christians as a prophecy on Zimbabwe.

It is dated the 18th May 2004,  1:30pm,

By Rev. Hansen

“Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, you man of war. You have shed the blood of the innocent since your conception; now I will shed your blood. You have lied to the world since your beginning of freedom and liberty, yet you oppress the poor and innocent. You want an eye for an eye, yet you cannot see nor discern justice; you want what really is not yours. It matters not what Government has ruled past or present; the truth is lies have continually been spoken to disguise the truth of your treachery. You are a barbaric nation filled with rebellion, voodoo and witchcraft. Yes, blood has been shed and blood has been baptized in, yet you will swim and drown in your own sorrow and blood that you have created and wished upon the poor, deprived and innocent. Your power will be overthrown and a genesis of salvation will temporarily come.

Look to Me quickly, for your true hope lies only in Me. For when peace seems secure and new found liberty, freedom and prosperity seem at hand, then I will shake your nation with the others around you and desperation will come like none has witnessed before, and you will know that I have spoken and warned you, for my love calls out to you to prepare!zimbabwemap

For, I will return with a fury of vengeance on all that use my name irreverently; for personal gain and self-exploitation; as the nations prepare to fight me at Armageddon, thus saith your Lord and your God, Jesus Christ.”

People of Zimbabwe, be encouraged. Jesus is warning you that he is going to fight for you and all the innocent throughout the nations. Only put your trust in him alone and not the Mark of the Beast that is soon to appear.

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  • T.Musango

    Zviporofita zvenhema chete izvi. Ndivo vamwe varingotora mari dzevanhu kunge MDC. Makauya nebhuku renyu mukatitorera nyika nokutibata senhapwa, nhasi mavekuita kunge ndimi our saviours.

  • Tracy Dube

    Musango this such a true prophecy, Mugabe will not acknowledge

  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    Nyoka haimbofi yakati munhu akanaka and similarly Mugabe haabvume kuti akatadza nokuti inyoka dhiyabhorosi.

  • Gaddafi

    Shut up everyone and just listen to your own conscience. All prophecy is fibbing and cannot be proved beyond any reasonale doubt. This person starting talking like the Lord himself then ended like himself now fearing he was threatening people and telling lies and he will e judged as well. Super moron go to hell and rest.

  • Tich

    No you are wrong Gaddafi instead Mugabe should go to hell and you are are the who should zip your foul mouth. You blasphem words of prophesy from the Most High what if the Person you have just castigated is the Holy Spirit of God who was talking. I feel very very sorry for you.

  • McPaul

    Don’t you worry, don’t fret, it is a coming, 666 is the sign of the beast.

  • http://N/A Ngwarai Murefu

    Oh bantu bakithi. Keep on believing such wishful thinking as prophecy, Zanupf and other dictators will always party over you. While I believe in Jesus Christ, I do not at all believe anything from this prophecy. truely, these religious imaginations always confuse people. Thousands had to die for Zimbabwe to gain her independence. Since there are those willing to hold on to this dictatorship by all means, Christians must ask God to give Zimbabweans bravery, plans and means to confront these men. Its not an eye for an eye. It is just being realistic. Nyikayaramba has to be confronted as he is not by believing in false misleading prophecies. God will fight the evil systems for us but He will us people. He will use the very oppressed to fight and conquer oppression believe me or not.Until that happens the angels of the devil in Zanupf will continue to loot, rape,murder and perpetuate the suffering of the majority of Zimbabweans.

  • McPaul

    Try to understand and just think on what has been said. The beast has taken control of Zimbabwe over the last thirty one years and now very soon one of the beast’s main henchmen will be dead. What is going to happen then? Blood is going to flow of course! because each of the remaining henchmen and their followers will fight each other so the winner can sit next to the beast.
    So who is this violent and devious creature called the beast.
    He is known to everyone and has many names, including Satan, Beelzebub, or the foul fiend of the bottomless pit and he is now waiting the outcome of the next struggle for power in Zimbabwe.

  • Tich

    Amen to the comment “God will use the oppressed to fight the evil that has subdued Zimbabwe for the last 30 years.” When God sets you free you are free indeed so when those who claim to have brought independence are oppressing people it means they can only be serving God’s enemy whose name is the devil therefore they are sons of the devil.
    Just look at the works of self proclaimed Archbishop who supports them and even commands the police force by the name of Nolbert Kunonga a true Archdemon rather.

  • Bla Miki

    Who is this stupid prophet and where does he reside? We do have several questions to ask this conman cum MDC supporter. Why trying to fool people using God’s name? Ndiko kupererwa manje ikoko muchiita chiporofita chekunyengera ana Anonymous.

  • ZimbabweWatchmen

    Thank you zim eye for updated truth & error on Zimbabwe.