Another full year of US sanctions on Zimbabwe


Harare(ZimEye)-American President Barack Obama has extended sanctions against Zimbabwe by one year, a day after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai called for the removal of the sanctions to enable the new Government to deal with the economic situation in Zimbabwe.

Obama said Zimbabwe has not solved its political crisis yet considering some of the actions some of the officials in the new Government.

“The crisis constituted by the actions and policies of certain members of the government of Zimbabwe and other persons to undermine Zimbabwe’s democratic processes or institutions has not been resolved,” Obama said in a statement.

“These actions and policies pose a continuing unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States.”

The US government imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2003 as  way of forcing Mugabe to upheld the rule of law.

The among other things, ban more than 250 Zimbabwean individuals and companies from doing business with the United States.

The sanctions were supposed to expire on Friday.

Despite the political agreement between ZANU PF and MDC, President Mugabe has continued to spew vitriol on opposing voices in and outside the country.

Recently he said he was going ahead and remove the remaining white farmers from their farms (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • miky booth

    This is it. The choice is yours my fellow Zimbabweans. Do you want Gono, Mnangagwa, thier friend Chiwenga to deny you international aid. A lot of Zimbabwean idiots want to tell me that they will not beg for aid. I was just on the phone to friends back in Zimb who are telling me that people are starving and Gono or Mugabe will not be able to feed them What will Chiwenga or Gono give you.

  • ninja

    Obama is more than crazy we black people put a brother in power expecting a change but its now a BLACK boy has turned against his on African brother’s may god have messy on us



  • Magara

    Its a matter of the western interests, not the voice of Tswangirai or Zimbabwean democrats. The west want western interests honoured not Zimbabwean issues.

  • samukeliso

    Phambili ngeZapu madoda mayihlome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce Derere

    I as a Shona do not condemn Ndebele’s BUT I do not support the either. Even if Tsvangirai were to fail, no Ndebele can in any way remove him. He is politically invincible for the time being, like it or NOT!

  • Phat Cat

    Blaming Obama for not lifting the sanctions on Zimbabwe, it utterly absurd. He needs to protect his country and people. Just because he is a black man does not mean that he has to forget about his own country and people. With the way Mugabe is reacting to his own people and the white farmers who know what he will do to the American people or other people in the world. A man who is as heartless as Mugabe needs to be kept in Zimbabwe until he is over thrown.

    I believe that in time Tsvangirai will voice his concerns about Zimbabwe and it people to the World organization and they will be able to come up with a solution to supply aide to Zimbabwe and ensure that the aide reaches the people that needs it without Mugabe and his Gold Digger wife profiting from it.

    Until then we have to all be patient and remember that Rome was not built in one day.

    More power to Obama!!!

  • samukeliso

    No Bruce yu are a human being yu are entitled to your views/thoughts so do i as such no hard feelings mate, take it easy

  • Bruce Derere

    At least Samu youmake sense. What do you think of this Magara, CIO bloke?

  • Bruce Derere

    At least Samukeliso you make sense. What do you think of this Magara? I think we have CIO’s login gonto this site . Let’s destroy them with swords!

  • samukeliso

    ya mate i suspected him, i thought as much, i remember onthe last one where i said quote yu reference to support your aguirements, yu know what he just qouted a broad journal with no particular date to refer to. thats a beat strange.

  • Bruce Derere

    Yep I suspect he is BUT he might also be yet another of Mugabe’s remaining supporters/sympathisers you know. These forums should be constructive NOT a platform for Socialists to spread their psycho-venom.

  • Bruce Derere

    Yep I suspect he is BUT he might also be yet another of Mugabe’s remaining supporters/sympathisers you know. These forums should be constructive NOT a platform for Socialists to spread their psycho-venom. l

  • Bruce Derere

    I am sure we could even find a solution to Zimbabwe’s woes through these chats! – my thoughts

  • samukeliso


  • http://yahoomail Z…4life

    ana Derere nanaSamukeliso you are both like nigerian movies full of noises you are poluting our website with shallow arguments on this forum. just shut **** up or i will be soon getting eddie cross with you

  • Emile de Ravin

    I’m with Obama on this one. Mugabe is seen as part of the problem and not part of the solution. His refusal to release Bennett, free other political detainees, appoint secretaries without consulting the PM, the deployment of soldiers, arrest of magistrates, threats to white farmers etc etc is classic Mugabe. He is still firmly in charge, and Tsvangirai is there only as window dressing.

  • http://yahoomail The Serpent

    Samukeliso, this Derere is Schizophrenic dont allow him to polute you. He hasn`t contributed to any debate meaningfully but spat venom always.

    I am still waiting for anyone with a better definition of what Derere means. Usadherere probably they left a consonant “H” to mean Dherere.

  • tamba tione

    oBAMA go to hell u bloke