Adam Ndlovu dies in car accident, Peter admitted in hospital


ONE OF ZIMBABWE’s soccer top icons of all time, Adam Ndlovu has died in a car accident while traveling in Victoria Falls.

His brother, another prominent soccer figure, Peter who was in the same car has been admitted in hospital and was said to be battling for life at the time of writing.

Adam Ndlovu dies in deadly car accident

Adam was the coach for Chicken Inn, while Peter was the warriors’ under 23 team. He will be remembered for transforming the team into a formidable side that had a say in the local league championship.

The two brothers had travelled to Victoria Falls for a charity match involving Highlanders and a local team.

(Picture by Batsirai Donavan via Twitter)

  • Chipere Wilfred

    I can’t believe this,two days ago he was at the
    awards ceremony he even correctly predicted
    that Denver and Pasuwa were his favourite to
    clinch soccer star and coach of the
    year respectively. Adam was a true legend who will
    always say his mind out.He was an
    ambassador of soccer and was always
    helping youngsters regardless their club
    affiliations.It needed someone with great
    mind and brave heart to personally declare
    the 2012 soccer star and coach of the
    year.Adamski managed to put his head on
    the block and says his mind out.Going back to his playing
    days,Adamski served his country with a
    distinction no doubt.What i know is God
    always take the best and leave the rest.He
    normaly takes munhu asati atadza.Rest In
    Peace Adamski.To my brother Peter
    “Sukuzonke” Ndhlovu i say get well soon my
    dear i know u are a fighter

  • Madziya

    Very sad news

  • Ndlovu lnviolatta Tracy

    RIP Bro Adamski-to Peter wish u a speed recovery.

  • Anonymous

    we salute u our superstars be blesd peter be strong

  • Phiri T-man

    Adam r.i.p,Peter wish u speedy recovery in Jesus name

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe

  • hozheri

    Adam rest in peace, I don’t knw why God take the good and spare mugabe alive, but anyway one day mugabe yu gonna die

  • Anonymous

    Pip adamski

  • Aaron Tomo

    May your soul rest in peace Adams … we will always remember you go well.

  • makanga a

    we are praying to GOd to be in control of everything. adam may your soul rest in peace. Peter get well soon.

  • http://DrThomasMapfumo,longlive&longreign! Zvichaperachete

    Oh no Adamski ,he was a gentleman on&off the pitch.To the Ndlovu family please accept my profound ,heartfelt condolences 4 the earthly departure of Adam Ndlovu ,a true Zimbabwe/Highlanders Football Legend.Here is to wishing his brother Peter ,the quickest of recoveries.Indeed Football is now poorer with the departure of Adam Ndlovu !

  • brighton

    Rest in peace Adam & Peter heal soon.

  • Jabulani Innocent Makuyana

    ukufa kulamanyala kungeneni koNdlovu. Kungasenani uMdali wethu uyayazi indlela yethu sonke. INkosi kayithele umusa kuPeter aphole.

  • Douglas C. Chingoshso

    Adamski R.I.P Only God Knows, It’s just too much to bear , Cant swallow it. Brother Peter Wishing u get well soon and praying for u indeed. Its really sad. I’ve always had so much respect for all the Ndlovu brothers though personally I don’t know them except through media and the fact that I used to see them training at the Highlanders Sports Club everyday in the’90s. I’m so so sorry guys. U R TRUE LEGENDS AND HEROES. In the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, “GET WELL SOON PETER”. ADAMSKI ! I’M SO MUCH SHOCKED, SO SAD HEY!

  • Lovemore

    Am speechless Rest nPeace Adam .Peter be strong brother we praying for you ………crying Mwari matifungirei

  • maria b

    so very sad and unbelievable!Adamki will be sadly missed in that black and white uniform and the yellow and green. still cant believe. Nsukuzonke do get well soon and may God comfort the Ndlovu family and the whole of zimbabwe.Madinda be strong. we are with you in prayers and all the way.

  • Washington Kaseke

    May the Lord God be with the Ndlovu family during this time. Ngaticheme netariro let’s not forget that this world is not our home we are all passing through. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken, may His name be praised. Takavanavo mukoma Adam nguvayakasungwa naivo musiki nhasi vadaidzwa vatisiya. Peter we wish you a speedy recovery and pray for you to be strong.

  • Cladwin

    May my dear bro Adamsk rest in peace tuKing Peter i wsh yuu a speeeedy recovery

  • Physical Graffiti

    RIP ADAM and get well soon Peter

  • Mai Chidhuura

    RIP Adam and get well soon Peter

  • Fjmus

    Oh no this can’t be true really it has happened s,o early rest in peace Adam we will greatly miss you, for Peter we are praying for you to recover. Let’s all take time to pray for Peter God has allowed Adam to rest let’s all accept what God has allowed to happen, it is painful indeed but at a time we will understand because God is he one who gives life, my condolences to the Ndhlovu family

  • Mufundisi

    This is a big blow to all soccer loves who believe in young and good coaches.Adam may his sprit rest in peace.

  • nomalanga

    May His Soul Rest In Peace, he has done what he had to do for our continent. It is our duty to take the baton and move forward taking his wishes ahead.

  • Taibbila Sande

    May rest in peace Adam we will kp on rembering you.

  • tafadzwa machisa

    rest in peace Adamski. Speedy recovery to peter.

  • douglas kachere

    Rufu watibaya panyama nhete isu mhuri yeZimbabwe, Adam was one of our big names if we are to talk soccer in Zimbabwe. He played club level up to national, international akave neruzivo rwakakwana kudzidzisa ndokudzoka kuzoita Coach achisimudzira bhora redu muZimbabwe kunyanya vechidiki. Hazvina mhosva rufu nhasi watisiya tichichema,Zorora hako zvakanaka mukoma Adamski. @ Peter .. Nenyasha dzamusikavanhu ndinokukumbirirawo kunamwari upore nenguva diki-diki,muzita raJesu usumuke kubva mumarwadzo udzoke kuzoshandira mhuri. Wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Zimbabwean Patriot

    This is what true Zimbabweans do show their love and tolerance for one another in times of sadness or happiness. Adam Ndlovhu embodied what it means to be Zimbabwean and the Ndlovhu brothers have shamed those elements in our society who try to incite hatred and chaos through their noble characters of love and respect for their country. Rest in peace Brother Adam and Mukoma Peter get well soon. To the families that have lost their loved ones may you find comfort and peace through Gods grace. To the Ndlovhu family you are in our prayers.

  • Mugabe


  • JK

    Sad loss indeed!

  • Paul Tshuma

    Anywere thas what life is all about. The bible says ”For the living knw that they will die but the dead knw nothing” We will all go

  • inoblow25

    Heartbreakin news,cnt blv this bt nway RIP Adamski,Peter wish u a speedy recovery

  • Doubt Davies Nkhoma

    Adamsky tragically taken,this void will be difficult to be filled,the football fraternity has lost a young &talented mentor.To the Ndlovu family we are together in this sad loss,to Peter, wish yu a speedy recovery.

  • Admire Dhara

    mdhara matirwadzisa

  • blessing shoko

    May his dear soul rest in peace. We will always remember you adam. U are a true legend.

  • Lizwe Ndlovu

    A dark cloud has fallen upon our beloved nation Zimbabwe, we sincerely pray for the families and the nation at large. Zimbabwe God’s plans are high than ours at his appointed time he calls our names. Lets unite in prayers for God’s healing hand to touch our brother Peter. To Adam rest in peace we will always remember you for your good work, hamba kuhle Qhawe lethu.

  • Charles Kaseke

    M.Y.D.S.R.I.P Adam, and King Peter get well soon.

  • Stanford Hatlani

    Adam will always be dearly missed.Peter wish u a speed condolences 2 e Ndlovu family ‘n e Zimbos.Together wl overcome,let’s pray 4 Peter

  • Tina

    Rest in peace adam. Peter get well soon

  • E Makwembere

    ZANU is to blame for this tragic death. I recall this road being the major subject of a cabinet discussion and ZPF was not willing to do something about the tar depth built by the Chinese. RIP Adam

  • George Mpango

    Rest in peace Adam ndlovu

  • Shariyah

    Haa vana Makwembere politics pese pese here,RIP Adamski and a speedy recovery to Nsukuzonke,aaw this is really painful.

  • Mai Joza

    This is a sad lose to the sports fraternity and business community RIP Adam and to Peter get well soon.

  • Rose Evelyn Maisiri

    This is heartbreaking news. Last saw the two brothers at the Soccer Star of the yr function at Cresta. Its unbelievable that Adam is gone. But anywhere life is not measured by the duration one stays on this earth but by your contributions to it. Adam u did yr part and u hv been promoted to glory. To Peter u are in our prayers.

  • Austin prichard ndlovu

    Ooooooooooooooh my God what a great loos 2 to the nation

  • Wamuthaliha

    Ma1,can’t believe this

  • sunny

    This is so sad! RIP Adam. My condolences to the Ndlovu family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Let us all pray for Peter’s deliverance.

  • Ndumiso

    May his soul rest in peace.

  • Bhodlumlilo gt

    RIP Adam and to Peter get well soon.

  • Burton

    RIP we always remember u

  • patrick

    RIP Adamski ………….Peter get well soon

  • Mhofu

    What a sad surprise! Oh! Adamski why so early? Anyway may your Soul rest in peace big bro.
    Peter I wish u a speed recovery bro, you are Zimbabwe’s finest.

  • Samaita

    r.i.p Adamski…a legend tragically taken.

  • Mdeva

    Hozheri namakwembere need 2 have their brains checked.this is not a political talk show.n 2 the ndlovu family i extend my deepest condolences.n 2 peter hope u wl get well soon

  • Alpha

    Yhoo wat a shock! R.I.P Adam bro we wl always remember u. Peter u ar in our prayerz u wl gt alryt vry sn bro we knw u ar strng.

  • http://Gmail Law

    Adam may your soul rest in peace. Peter may may our lord God ,Jesus christ and the Holy spirit be with u let him heal u , we as o friends here in SA we wish u a speed recovery in Jesus’ name. Let a miracle happen to u bro.

  • Broonie Roonie Ronnie

    I still remember when playing in the dust streets of Byo, calling each other “ADAMSKI”. Now he is nomore. Rest in Peace my brother. You are a HERO of soccer. We loved you even when things were tough in the team Chicken INN.Early this morning my friend phoned me, telling me about the sad news that Adam is no more. I was so shocked that i could not even answer. Even now i cannot believe it. To the Ndlovu Family. GOD is the one who decides the day and time of our lives. LALA NGOXOLO ADAM NDLOVU. We will always remember you when you scored that goal and you sprayed everyone with a machine gun.

  • Thulani Ncube

    My deepest condolences to Ndlovu family on the lost of their beloved Asm Ndlovu to Peter I wsh you aspeedy recovery ma Brother.

  • Thulani Ncube

    May his soul rest in Peace

  • Sheilah Magaya

    I remember the days at ZIFA he was such a humble person. Wish a speed recovery to Peter.

  • Tsano

    RIP Adamski. To Peter we wish u a speedy recovery. Mwari vakuitire nyasha. To the Ndlovu family chemai muine tariro.

  • Andy langs

    Get well my brother peter ,rest in peace adamski adam ndlovu.

  • Jabu Mataure

    Heartfelt condolences to the Ndlovu’s. May your dear spirit rest in eternal PEACE brother Admski. Peter may the almighty see u thru a speedy recovery.

  • Jean Sibanda

    RIP Adam. Peter you are in our prayers. We plead the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover you and Jehovah Rapha to grant you a speedy recovery. To Madinda and family the Lord is your strength.

  • Poor Farmworker

    May I send my sincere condolence to the Ndlovu family on the untimely death of Adam. Also to Peter I wish you a speedy recovery. To Zimbabweans lets exercise care on our poor roads, in the past hour it is also reported that eight members of Uthakataka band have been involved in a serious accident outside Kadoma.

  • Jabu Mpofu

    RIP in peace Adam we will miss you so much. Peter and the Ndlovu family may lord give you strength. Litche dad is rest with our heavely father.

  • Quinton nyabeze

    My deepest sympathies to the ndlovu family n close friends.peter may the lord restore guys have brought joy to many football fans n grief to opposin teams.madinda khathazile,adamski n peter thank you very much.adamski rip.

  • Aaron Siziba

    Adam may ur soul rest in peace n wish Peter a quick recovry

  • nkosi

    cant belliev tht adam is gone may yo soul rest in peace .peter ndlovu we are praying for you brother

  • dhedza

    I cant believe this has happened gud people ndovanoenda. Its so sad zvinotoita sei we have to accept it’ we are mourning with you. The ndlovu family peter wish you speedy recovery

  • Dzimai Moto

    Rest in peace Adam. Peter, our son of the soil, we wish you a speed recovery.

    If we look on the other side; Bulawayo-Vic Falls Road was damaged by heavy vehicles transporting coal from Whange. It happened after NRZ failed to maintain the railway. True fact. I used to drive along this road at 160km/h but lately I removed the other 120km/h because the road is just a disaster. The electronics in Peter’s BMW could not withstand laws of Physics dictated by the bad road.

    This is a sad loss.

  • Mthandazo Bavumile kaDhawu

    Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam, dear LORD may his soul rest in etern pissy. uhambile Ndlovuenkulu kithina esiseleyo, uhambo lwakho luyinklohombo engaxazuleki kwakuyothi ma lapho lishona sigiye ngEzikamagebula sisEmagumeni.
    lala ngoxolo mtanentombi. idilikile intaba…. unchangelling
    PETER may GOD help yu recover soon,
    i cant say much sikukhulekela ebusheni nokuthobekeni kwalilanga..

  • jamukoko wezhira

    ohh gud pple out there,wats da meaning of this?hey,ndapererwa vehama but vane nguva vhurai mabible enyu muwane answer munaMuparidzi 3 verse 2.yega hayo mugorara henyu.tisabvunza mwari kuti Y coz tiri zvisikwa zvake

  • Thaboluhle zambezie

    Guys im in tears what happen to the brother they were drunk or what?

  • Nkoe ndlovu

    This is the saddest moment for Zim soccer .RIP Adamski, to Peter i say ,uzophola bhudi wami, i know you are a figter and a winner

  • segga

    R.I.P Adamski.we lost a dedicated cadre.go ye well

  • Tindo

    Adam rest in peace and to Petr we wish a speed recovery

  • http://www.imm.gsm tinashe

    aaah ndarwadziwa in, RIP Adam,to Peter Mwari wenyasha ngavabate marwadzo vadzoreredze nyama pamwechete,zvarwadza izvi,kumhuri yekwa Ndlovu ngatichemei netariro Jehovavaita kuda kwavo, Madinda i can imagine the pain you are going through! be strong my man,Mwari vatonga.

  • eddie the Viper

    RIP bro Adam Peter gt wll sn

  • Tshitaudzi T Freddy

    RIP Adam and wishing you a speedy recovery, Peter

  • agripper kanombirira

    RIP in Peter get wel soon

  • Nozizwe Ncube

    RIP Adam, and to Peter get well soon brother

  • shaun chidzambwa

    this is really sad guys.hope you get a quick recovery.

  • Zivai Makanda

    I’m so sorry to the Ndhlovu Family, RIP Adam n Peter wish you a quickest recovery.

  • richie moyo

    Terrible. May his soul rest in eternal peace. he was a nice guy.

    BMW X5 has the best features you can think of. Its tyres are almost 30cm wide but all failed Adamski.

    We will meet fellow

  • learnmore lunga

    Adam Mwari vaita sokuda kwavo, tiri vanhu vakazvarwa chasara inguva yokufa, tose tichatevera nokuti ndiyo nzira yedu tose RIP Adam, Peter totenda Mwari wararama wish yu a fast recovery

  • Crispen Muregi

    RIP Adam,Peter get well soon in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Simbi Mbino

    RIP Adam, speedy recovery to Peter. Our prayers, hearts and thoughts are with you. God bless.

  • The Zimbabwean

    Condolences to the Ndlovu family and the nation at large for the untimely death of our great warrior,we’ve been robbed of a hero,a legend and a mentor may your soul rest in eternal peace brother Adam ”Adamski” Ndlovu .I wish Peter the quickest recovery.

  • nesbert

    may ur soul rest in piece