$2 Billion in Diamonds Stolen From Zimbabwe Fields – REPORT


VOA¬† News| A rights group says nearly $2 billion worth of diamonds have been stolen from Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields since 2008, with the money going to cronies of President Robert Mugabe.

Partnership Africa Canada says Zimbabwe’s minister of mines, Obert Mpofu, has allowed military and security officials to plunder the fields for personal gain instead of using the diamonds to help turn around Zimbabwe’s ailing economy.

The Canada-based non-profit says “hundreds of millions of dollars owed to Zimbabwe’s treasury have been lost in both illegal and legal trades.”

The group stated its findings in a 36-page report released Monday. Zimbabwean officials have not responded to the accusations.

rough cut diamonds

However, a state-run newspaper [The Herald] reports that Zimbabwe Defense Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged fellow cabinet members to show any evidence they have that diamond revenue is being taken by the army.

Finance Minister Tendai Biti has repeatedly said that money from diamond sales is not reaching the treasury, fueling suspicions of corruption.

Zimbabwe’s military seized control of the Marange fields in 2008, allegedly killing hundreds of small-scale miners.

The Kimberley Process, which monitors the international diamond trade, imposed an export embargo on Marange diamonds in November 2009, but lifted it two years later despite protests from human rights groups.

  • Munin’ina waGrey Hora

    Its no surprise kuti mari yemadiamonds iri kushandiswa kurunner parallel government yeZANU ina Obert Mpofu as finance minister.SAVE vhurai maziso muone zviri kuitika kwete kuvharwa kumeso nenduwe dzana Locadia Karimatsenga.

  • http://www.gmail.com Tsano

    Tsvanti wenyu ndiye arikuba mari yemadiamonds. Anowanepi mazimari ekuroora nekubvisa mendenenzi daily. Siyanayi nearmy dzedu apa vatengesi.


    What trash , we all know that the diamond industry is under sanctions which were impossed on the instigation of M;;B,I’T.I , and company.

  • jojo

    save wacho handiti ndiye ariku.kwi.ra vanhu here achivabhadhara ma hundred thousand dollaers.anoiwanepi mari yese iyo. 15 thousand maintanance, 250 000 damage, 40 000 ku honey moon… the list is endless.kutambisa mari kudaro

  • jojo

    munhu anobhadhara g..a,m,bi 250 000 wobva worisiya wotsvaga rimwe futi new one hey… kugarika zve uku

  • Moto

    Havana nyaya. How are the diamonds being stolen without the notice of KPCS, Ministry of mines officials (including MDC-T’s Chimanikire), Ministry of Finance, ZRP, etc. Mnangagwa has challenged them to provide proof. Chimanikire explained how the army got involved and that they are like any investor ploughing money with their Chinese partners to make profit. What we should be worried about is whether we are getting our dividends as co-owners (through ZMDC), ZIMRA taxes and royalties, and MMCZ levies. All these are done transparently. These people should be reminded that all the political hierachy in Zim visited Marange and were all satisfied judging from their praisies of activities there. KPCS officials are always there and have hailed the security systems in Marange as unmatched anywhere. So whats the noise abou?

  • Svotwa

    Mari yema diamonds kubiwa ndiko kwairikuitwa.

  • Chitaka chevahera

    Chinamanenji hachifambisi chinomirira kuti mavara acho aonekwe.

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