“Zuma to end Zimbabwe’s GPA”


Analysis(ZimEye)A rumour has gone off in the media that South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma intends to bring an end to Zimbabwe’s government of national unity by the end of 2011.

“(Are these issues) so fundamental that we cannot move without resolving them? Can we park them and proceed?” Jacob Zuma is reported to have said in an interview with SAFM in Johannesburg, commenting on Zimbabwe’s political deadlock.

“I am the least qualified to comment on what President Zuma says, but we would want all issues resolved, as they are fundamental in our view,” said the MDC’s spokesman, Nelson Chamisa.

Meanwhile a publication alleged to be sympathetic of President Mugabe’s ZANU PF party, the Zimbabwe Guardian reported that the same Jacob Zuma has criticised Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai stating that Tsvangirai is blocking progress in the negotiation proceedings by being too ‘rigid’.

The MDC-T lists the appointment of provincial governors and the swearing of Roy Bennett as the deputy Agricultural minister, the appointment of Attorney General Johannes Tomana and reappointment of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono as some of the thorny issues in the Global Political Agreement. ZANU PF has demanded that the MDC bring to an end what they have termed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe and certain persons. Doubts have been raised on whether the political principals and the Zimbabwe public are ready for elections. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Zvematongerwoenyika

    Zuma is anti white and he does not like Tsvangison and he calls him puppet when he is in private. We dont need elections in Zimbabwe because they cause unneccesary suffering and political violets.Elections should be held after Mr Mugabe retires. As long as Mugabe is president we dont need elections because people will die for nothing

  • Anonymous

    GOOD ANALYSIS,thanks very much zvematongerwoenyika. let mugabe rule until he retires